Anyone else have IpanemaPM, it is so stiff

  1. I find this bag so "stiff" from the bag itself and even the strap.

    I bought the bag for kind of a sporty look, and to just hold a few things while I go somewhere with the dog and I could strap it across me.

    I know this bag is not a look for everyone but I was wondering if anyone else had this little problem and remidied or if I have too high expectations of the bag.

  2. l like ,All I can find are ones on eBay, waiting to see if I find anything at the outlets in a few weeks,thansk
  3. i have heard that actually.
    can you post a pic of your bag? im curious about the size.

    um, junney? turnip truck?
  4. I have a damier ipanema but not sure if it's the same one you're talking about:

    IMG_0646 copy.JPG

    I bought it to use for traveling or for amusement parks. The bag and the strap are a bit stiff but I find it very sturdy and basically indestructible. I love how the damier canvas is alot thicker than the other damier bags and it gives me that comfort of knowing that my belongings are very well protected. :p

    I also love the alcantra lining and the unique shape of the bag.