anyone else have crazy LV dreams? lol.

  1. i was reading another thread when i saw someone else mention they had one where they won $8000 in LV credit and it made me think of one crazy dream i had.

    one time i dreamed that the fed ex man showed up at my door with some unidentified larger packages. usually only LV arrives in fed ex so i'm like hmmm, what could this be, i didn't order anything? at the time there was soooo much stuff i wanted and didn't have the funds to buy, but when i opened up the boxes there were 3 suhali styles! 1 was a l'aimable which i already have and one was a style i didn't like so i was like :yahoo: YES i'm SO selling this on eBay and using the money for the stuff i want to buy! lol funny because they just showed up at my door an in my dream i had no idea where they came from or why they came to the door. the most random dream ever! anyone else have crazy LV dreams?
  2. HAHA! Great dream! And when you woke up did you remember how those bags FELT, the material? Now that would be a dream to remember!

    I had ordered my very ever first LV from eBay back in Feb and I was soooo worried that it was fake (not really b/c I used MyPoupette) but you know the feeling!

    I dreamt that when I got the Papillon it had SUPER LONG HANDLES!! Sooo long I could fit it messenger style!!!

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooo sad in my dream, and it felt soooo real, when I did wake up I was just kind of chuckling inside thinking -- WTF has LV done to me!!! hahaha!!
  3. lol, you were sad in your dream cuz the papillon came as a fake with extra long handles??? lol i was kinda confused so i'm trying to clarify. haha i know, dreams are the most random things. obviously i was searching for an easy way to get the money i wanted for those bags, and selling LV i don't mind selling is one way to do it so i dreamed about it i guess. lol. my mom laughed when i told her. it did suck though when i woke up because the dream did feel very real!
  4. i once dreamed that i left my speedy on the bus! worst dream ever, whenever i leave the bus or train or whatever i ALWAYS check to see if i have everything
  5. ive def have dreams about LV. its kinda sick and scary. lol. ive had a dream once about balenciaga too. hmmm
  6. hehe i know. i feel like i have little LV dreams all the time that i don't remember.

    and btw i just saw your post in my thread about my damier trousse make-up, the strap came with it ;)
  7. thanks. its sooooo freakin cute. I love damier.

    but yeah...i have had LV dreams a lot the last week or so. it scares me.
  8. LOL- yeeah I was super sad b/c I knew it was fake! I woke up happy though b/c it was only a dream.

    Could you imagine a Papillon 26 with handles so long they could fit across your body!!!! LOLOLOL!!! so funny now that I think about it!
  9. i had one recently. i dreamt i finally bought epi pochette accessories but it has patterns on it - very abstract colorful and looks like LV cup, patchwork or something :weird:. it was so terrifying and i panick:roflmfao:.

    that dream make me decide to get epi pochette accessories in aug when i'm back home :lol:.
  10. I have a couple of times but I don't remember them. :push:
  11. lol, interesting! anyone ever have a dream about a bag that they don't make but you wish they made? haha you'd wake up like ughhhh i want that bag, cuz it's like seeing it in real life when you're dreaming sometimes. lol.
  12. omg! i thought i was the only one that had crazy lv dreams! its normally the night after i buy something and im waiting for it to arrive that i have dreams about me using it!

    hehe :biggrin: i think its a woman thing!
  13. The other night I dreamed that there were two big black multicolore Speedies in the bed with me, on either side of me, kind of boxing me in.

    (It was my cats.)
  14. I've had tons of LV dreams I think it's because I'm on here until pretty late so it's the last thing in my head before I go to sleep
  15. hahah! don't you just love a random crazy LV dream every now and then!:p