anyone else have BANGLE issues?

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  1. I really wanted to get two bangles, and I thought it wouldn't be a problem with my big hands, but they fall right off of me! anyone else feel like they can't wear them?:rolleyes:
  2. Yea, Awkward. And I Really Wanted One.
  3. Awww, sorry to hear that... Mine fits perfectly!
  4. I love mine!
  5. If I hang my hand down straight, they slip half way off my hand. But I don't care - I love how they look!
  6. i want one but unfortch my hands are really small. i wish they were adjustable or came in diff sizes! i really like the stripe one.
  7. my bangle is alittle big on me but i love it so much, i will wear it with a watch so that it won't slide off my hand.
  8. The bangle bracelets coach has out now are so cute but my darn wrist is so tiny I'm afraid they'll fall off!