Anyone else have bad feet ?

  1. I have really bad feet!

    My feet doeson't seem to hurt much when I do long walks in FLIP FLOPS.

    But when I wear actual tennis shoes WITH my orthodics, ( or without) they hurt sooooooooo feels like needles are pinning at my feet. Then I end up limping home. :shrugs:

    I have flat feet.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    What do you do?

    It's sooo hard to go running when I can't even last for more than 2 mins without quitting.
  2. Right with you, Honeychile! :crybaby:

    I never had any problems with my feet at all until last summer. The DH and I started walking for exercise at the local park's walking track. I don't know if it was the fact that it was asphalt or what, but I managed to "blow-out" my left foot and my right wasn't too happy either. I'd wake up in the morning with the balls of my feet aching like crazy. Then my left foot started swelling so badly couldn't wear even any sandals, so I went to a podiatrist who promptly tells me: "I've never seen such messed up feet. What took you so long to get here???" Basically somehow I developed a bunion on my left foot, tendonitis, arthritis, and while he never called it this, I'm pretty sure the left foot also had a stress fracture. I thought it was because I had been wearing 3+ inch heels in the past year, but he said "You can assure your husband that yours is one of the few cases I've seen that WASN'T caused by high heels!!"

    I spent two weeks in a cast and the entire summer with my feet elevated with ice packs. I couldn't wear anything but tennis/walking style shoes (in the middle of summer in the SOUTH!!) all last summer.

    They made me some orthotics (costing $200 EACH) and frankly they not only didn't help at all, they wouldn't fit into anything but one pair of walking shoes. And I had around 200 pairs of shoes (lots of top designers too!!).

    It HAS gotten better in time, but I'm permanently off stilettos,:crybaby:and have to be very careful when I buy shoes. The toe box must have good height, decent width, must have adequate cushioning. The throat has to be above or below the bunion and of course, nothing much over 2 1/2 inches in the heel. Etc. Etc. Basically it's a PITA.

    I have finally restocked my shoe collection, but exercise is still a problem. You might want to consider giving up running for an extended period of time (months) and find another type of exercise. I have one of those gliders (kind of like the ones Tony Little sells) and I find that works because my feet don't take the pounding that walking causes.

    Good lucky, Sweetie. I literally feel your pain. :sad:
  3. By the way, have you tried Ryka brand athletic shoes? They are FANTASTIC!!! Made by women, for women's feet. I got a pair to wear this summer because I was going to a music camp in a national park and it required a lot of walking (and carrying extra weight of my instrument and backpack). They saved my life, let me tell you!!! They aren't that expensive either ($100 or less).
  4. I second Ryka. I was having trouble in my aerobics class with my feet hurting a lot when we were jumping around, so my instructor told me to give them a try. I LOVE them now, and my feet are as happy as can be in my Rykas (size 6W, so it looks like I have midget feet... hee hee). DSW Shoes usually has pretty good deals on them, if you had one near you!
  5. I have heel spurs. Both of my parents do too. They are so painful, I am miserable most of the time. I need to see a dr. about it, but all they can really do is give me painful shots in my heels and that might provide temporary relief. I hear ya on the foot pain!
  6. I have bad bunions!! I finally couldn't take the pain anymore, so I had bunion surgery on my right foot 5 years ago. I still need to go and do the other foot. I tell you the pain was so terrible afterwards. It took a long time to heal.
  7. When I started teaching 4 years ago I developed plantar fascitis in my left heel. It was horrible and afflicted me for most of that school year. I switched to better shoes, unfortunately not always the prettiest shoes, but it made a huge difference. The plantar fascitis started in my right foot this year but it's getting better now that I know what to do. I highly recommend Merrells. They have made my life so much easier!!

    I also have had to give up most of the pretty shoes other girls wear. I just can't deal with the pain that comes with a lot of those. :sad:
  8. I developed mild plantar fascitis before and what the doctor told me is that we spend so much time stretching our legs, arms, back before we exercise, but we tend to forget to stretch our feet and achilles tendons. Aside from this, I do not run anymore, instead I used the elliptical machine or stairclimber where there will be less stress on my feet and joints. Lastly,thank God I don't wear heels. I am addicted to wearing loafers. Tod's, LVs and colehaan are my favorites.
  9. I have heel spurs and flat feet. I'm going to the podiatrist tomorrow to pick up my orthotics. I was told it will work with my current lace-up shoes, but we'll see. I guess I might be FORCED to get a couple of new pairs if I can't wear my current shoes with shucks. Hahaha.

    I have a few pairs of high heels, but I only wear them once in a while. I can't give up pretty shoes, but I wish more orthopedic shoe makers would consider aesthetics and fashion. I get a foot health catalog, and the shoes are so ugly. I'm eyeing these Taryn Rose boots, but they're a bit expensive.
  10. Nah, I don't really have bad feet.

    I just have fat feet. It's hard for me to find pretty sandals that fit my feet - but sometimes I get lucky!

    The big problem I have with my feet is that they stink in certain shoes :sad:
  11. I have ugly feet if that counts for anything!

    Mine are wide and the littlest toes are squished looking. I've stubbed them so many times that the nails grow thick and oddily shaped.
  12. I was told the same thing. They lied!!! The few shoes they actually would go into, they took up so much space that I either couldn't fit my foot into the shoe or my heel was sticking up out the back!! What a waste of money. I could have gotten some Guccis for what those dorky things cost me! :censor:

    Perhaps you have a better orthotist than I did!!
  13. lol...u know what

    when i went shoe shopping for my new orthodics, the girl at lady foot locker recmmended me with the RYKA shoes, but i took 1 look at it and looked away. it was kinda ugly. i bought these addidas' i regret them.

    RYKA here i come. who cares if ur ugly, as long as i can go running without my feet hurting soooo bad!!!
  14. I have really flat feet too, but I dont have that problem my feet usually hurt when I wear shoes that dont have soft insoles, but I guess that can happen to anyone...
  15. That happened to me too my first year of teaching! :sad: I have these arch inserts from Dr. Scholl's, but they don't fit in all of my shoes. I will have to look at those Merrells.