anyone else have a very little collection?


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Dec 29, 2007
Waiting for July!!!
^ just to clarify those are my designer bags (if you guys count betsey as a designer)

i have quite a few cheapo bags from when i was little but i dont even use those anymore


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I only have four right now. I'm looking for a new one but have no desire to have a large collection. I don't like changing bags each day to match my outfit and I want to get use out of the bags I have. I don't sell on Ebay so try to buy carefully.


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Aug 8, 2008
Bolton, Uk
^ just to clarify those are my designer bags (if you guys count betsey as a designer)

i have quite a few cheapo bags from when i was little but i dont even use those anymore
Speaking for myself, if a bag has a brand and is known to any level and has a designer making a unique style then to me, it is designer. Its not a store's oem stick own label on, its not a mass produced (probably is made in China lol) and placed in these £5/$10 shoe shops but even if it was, if you love it, so what!:heart:


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Aug 24, 2008
Edmond, OK
I dont think you have to own any designer bags to appreciate this forum.
You just need to appreciate good design in beautiful bags and accessories.
I dont consider myself a newby as far as my collection but, I certainly dont own any really high end bags. I usually stay in the $300-$600 range (mostly Coach and MMK) but, I have dozens of "regular" bags too, I love them all and consider my total collection quite large. They dont have to cost a certain price to be a part of my collection.

Good luck with your growing collection!!!


Mar 12, 2008
i started this year and have a small collection too... besides, my bags are all mixed up, from designer to high street to brandless... i love the variety!


Aug 5, 2008
Western Australia
If I go by the brands listed in the Designer Forum lists, I have three (all handed down by my mother for when she wants to make space for new bags or given to me ;) when she goes crazy at a sale because the prices were too good to pass up).

I`ve noticed that different countries and age groups consider different brands as "designer" so that`s always interesting for me and my friends! I have heaps of bags that cost from anywhere between $50 and $500. They all get equal love and use!


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Oct 19, 2007
I have about 5 bags that I REALLY love. I have about 7 bags that I use but I bought because they were a great price, etc. I like them all, but only those core 5 are REALLY special. :smile:


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Feb 27, 2008
^^ I think that's how it happens.. I know this is how it goes for me and I have to try to learn to get over this, but if I see a great sale price or huge % off I think "WOW, I have GOT to have that, I can't believe the discount!!" But if it's not something I was craving beforehand or something I am really in love with, it will get used for a couple weeks and then traded out for a new bag. I have tons and tons of purses (some inexpensive, some not), but only a core few (like SoxFan) that I truly love and use as much as possible.


Jul 30, 2008
new york, ny
i don't have alot- i just got out of college last year!

i have...
-lv damier azul 30
-bulga misa in off white (now practically black )
-gustto cala in dark gray
-bcbg max azria classic in grass green, tan, and light seafoam (had a phase for awhile)
-francesco biasia something... can't remember the name, got it as a gift.. but it's navy crocodile
-black gucci belt bag
-marc by marc jacobs softy messenger in the bright coral

and a few rando clutches not worth mentioning
Feb 26, 2006
I only own 3 designer bags, and a couple of cheapie beach totes/duffles. I have a DKNY Antique Calf Tote (my first, albeit lower end, designer bag!), a Donna Karan Bryant Hobo (my first high end bag!), and an LV Neverfull PM (my current love and first LV bag).


May 28, 2008
I only got into bags recently so I'm a total newbie too! I agree with what some of the others have said here. It would be nice to have all the beautiful bags out there, but for me that's just not happening because I can't afford them all. I don't even need a big collection, maybe just 3 or 4 timeless pieces and I'd be content. But sometimes when I see a great price it's very tempting. :shame: I have a bunch of non designer bags. The others consist of two small Coach bags that were gifts, a Dooney & Burke from Nordstrom sale, a Kooba Pamela from sample sale, Longchamp tote that was a birthday gift, and recently purchased a Hayden-Harnett Mercer clutch during their sale.

Btw, what is the difference between designer and high-street or high end bags? On most department store websites it's designer and premier designer. Sorry if this is off topic, just curious because I see different brands referred to in various ways.