anyone else have a very little collection?

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  1. I would, in fact, not even call my purses a collection. I'm learning and waiting on some bags that might give me an itty bitty collection...anyone else a newbie to actually collecting. I've long admired excellent purses...but collecting is new.
  2. me! At least it seems small compared to other here.
    I think I have maybe 6 bags{?}
  3. I started 3 years ago with my first bag (chloe paddy - now my mother's), and my collection has grown to 8 designer bags (and a lot of shoes/boots and small leather goods). Don't worry, your collection will certainly grow if you keep hanging out with us here on TPF!
  4. As far as quality bags go, I only have 6 bags as well. I do have other bags but they are just for fun and didn't have near the amount of money invested in them.
  5. Feeling a bit intimidated in the light of day, you know. I'm SUCH an amatuer! I have found excellent mentors here, but yikes.
  6. I'm totally a newbie. I have 5 so far, but I will be aquiring more soon! :biggrin:
  7. I really don't think it's the size of the collection that counts, it's the quality and whether or not you truly love what you have. So many people buy things simply because they want to be admired by others or they think the bag is a really good deal for what it is and actually hate the bag itself. I'm not saying anyone on here does that, but I have seen that done amongst women I personally knew or knew of.
  8. Totally agree...just don't want to be laughed out of the place ;)
  9. Anyone who laughs you out of here has some serious issues anyway that need to be dealt with :yes: There are plenty of us on here that don't have a Birkin in every shade of the rainbow or even a Birkin at all and are still paying off college loans and trying to live day by day, myself included. :cutesy:
  10. Thanks. Yup, that's life, paying tuition, chasing medical bills. :tup:
  11. not everyone here thinks you NEED a big collection. . . big doesn't = impressive to me.
    We all have different need and financial situations {and priorities ;)} I know a lot of people here get caught up and think it's "normal" to have massive collections.
  12. My so-called collection is small too. I have 6 bags with 1 on the way, including my 2 laptop bags. And that seems like a lot to me given that I can only use one at a time. I've always loved bags, but most of my life had one or two handbags at a time that I used everyday. I also have a number of other kinds of "functional" bags that wouldn't really be candidates for discussion or photographing in this forum. Doesn't stop me from admiring and enjoying all the variety here at tPF, though. So much fun to squee along with others when they bring home a new treasure. I consider it research for my next carefully selected purchase...whenever that will be!
  13. I have just 5 designer bags at the moment. Une from a spanish designer, two rebecca minkoffs, one kooba and one belen echandia ( the kiss me clutch was for free!). I started my collection 3 months ago. then I joined tPF and this is going to grow.
    but just 6 months ago I had two bags ( and not even made of leather), a black one and brown one, and just used the black...
  14. Just ignore anyone who laughs. Frankly they are not worth your time. I grew up with 0 purses or designer bags. Before I joined TPF, I had one bag.

    Not everyone needs a big collection and I will be the first to admit that it is easy to get caught up in the buying and then your guest room because your shrine to purses. :P

    I am slowly scaling back and have learned just because it is on sale, doesn't mean I need to buy it.
  15. I have some Guess and Nine West, so some cousins of cousins of designer, and I will soon have my FIRST designer bag ever. IGNES Ormala...a tribute bag for my Mom. Also, a Linea Pelle I found online for a steal will arrive any day.

    So that will give me TWO! :crybaby:And I will be so happy. *Sniff*