anyone else have a tablet?

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  1. I just got my new tablet PC today, and I have been playing on it all day. It's a Lenovo 12" i think-it's very tiny, thin & lightweight). I'm using my own handwriting to post threads. and it's so much fun!!!:yahoo:
  2. Nope, but sounds awesome....I have a WAcom tablet for graphics....thats the closest I have. LOL

    What brand, etc is it? Id love to see it and look into it!
  3. I have a Gateway that I bought quite a few months ago, but the screen cannot sensor the pen anymore. So, I just have a regular laptop. Not very happy with it....
  4. DH has one. We took it with us on our last vacation. It's really slow though. His latest suggestion is to put it in the kitchen for recipes.
  5. I have a small Wacom Graphire 4. It's good, but I still find drawing with it very awkward!
  6. I've always wanted a Tablet Laptop, they look really cool! But I don't think I would ever have a need for the handwriting feature though, especially since I type faster than I write!
  7. here's the link to my computer....

    it's super fast - really responsive to the pen, can "erase" with the top of the pen, highlight, pick up parts of your handwriting and move it elsewhere. and i can take notes on pdf files and everything. i download a lot of journal articles that are pdf files, and usually print them out to take notes on, but i figured i would try to save some trees. well, actually, my fellowship money pays for a new computer, so i figured i would get one with some bells and whistles, and it comes with a 3-year warranty for students. :tup:

    i like the note-taking feature because sometimes i can just jot something down quickly, or draw something, and the tablet will convert what i've written to text, and save my drawing. it's great for science-y people when sometimes figures/drawings are much better than words, but i guess if you're not doing a lot of presentations then it's just kind of a neat toy. but what a toy!!! :heart::yahoo:
  8. i have a micropc that works w/ handwriting recognition. my handwriting is way too messy though :sad: