anyone else have a small stam?

  1. I just got one in black. I needed something stam-like and smaller than my other bags for certain dressier events. It's a gorgeous bag... but I was surprised by the shorter chain strap length, and the fact that it doesn't come off and turn into more of a clutch. I don't know what to think!

    Does anyone else have it? Do you like it? Have you used it? Please share!
  2. I just got one too -- in Topaz. Haven't used it yet, but can't wait. I happen to like the chain to be non-removable as I think it wouldn't look as good in my opinion. Besides I have enough clutches in my closet already.
  3. I thought you already saw it in real life and wanted it for sure so you got it from Personalshoppers . Unlike Stam, Little Stam does not have removable chain and wide base.
  4. Congrats!!!! Where did you get yours at?
    I have only seen pictures of this new color in magazines and look books, how do you like Topaz? Will you be able to post pictures? =)
  5. bag.lover - I love the color :love: . I was leaning towards the black until I tired on the topaz and it just pop in view instead of blending in with what I was wearing....and that was it...oh, I got it at Saks at F&F event.

    I'll try to post when I find my camera.
  6. ^ You got a great deal. Perfect timing!
    I will hit Saks tomorrow to see if other Resort 06 styles are there yet. Did you see other bags (such as Elise and Stam) in this color or this bag in other color (such as White Chiffon)? =)
  7. baglover, I had only seen the regular size stam in real life. but the strap's not bothering me - just a surprise. I think I'm liking it. It's that go-to bag I never had when we're going to something a bit more dressy and a huge bag is inappropriate. I just have to wrap my head around the fact that those events aren't every day!
  8. I had a small stam in Mouse, but returned it because I couldn't even get my wallet in it. It's too small for me.
  9. not a problem for me. I have a square wallet, and if need be, I just take out what I need. For an everyday bag it would never fly, but it's nice to have that "stamness" in an "evening" purse.
  10. congrats on the stams girls! can't wait to see photos!
  11. I didn't realize the small stam was THAT small...good to know! Must go try one on I suppose...