Anyone else have a skinny baby? Is this normal?

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  1. Here's the background. My DS is 6.5 months old. He was 4 weeks early (but 7 lbs. 2 oz. at birth). I breastfeed, but introduced solids well over a month ago. He didn't like them at first, but is good with them now. We went for his 6 month check-up and he is only 14.5 lbs. My DD at the same age was 3 pounds heavier. She was a little chunky monkey. The doctor told us to increase his food/milk intake or I would have to put him on formula. I pump at work, so I get a LOT of breastmilk and have no supply issues. I am just really worried b/c he is so tiny. My husband and I are big (6'6"+ and 5'8"+) so he shouldn't be a peanut. I am so worried about him. He is a happy baby. He is very lazy (my DD rolled both ways @ 3 months, sat unassisted @ 5 months, and crawled @ 5.5 months). She did everything so well that I am starting to worry. I really wasn't worried at first b/c I know children develop differently, but this weight thing has me freaked out!!
  2. My cousins baby was a bit early and weighed less than normal for the first few months, but now she is the right weight and is happy and giggles constantly. Maybe being born early is affecting his developement, making it a slower process, doesn't mean anything is wrong?:confused1:
    My aunt had her baby at a little over 7 months, the lungs weren't even fully developed. She was and is very skinny(she's now 4 1/2 yrs old). She was also the most quiet baby, my aunt was always bragging that she rarely ever cried. She ended up autistic.
    I suggest calling your doctor and discussing your concerns in more detail. I think your baby is fine, he's only 6.5 months and like you said all babies develop slightly differently.
  3. Is the pediatrician expressing concern? Is your child not sitting up? Since he was early he may take a little longer to reach milestones which is normal.

    You can try introducing formula for extra calories.

    My daughter was 6lbs 4oz at birth. She turned 2 in Feb. & she weighs 21lbs. yes you read that right, haha. Since she was born small, has stayed small, eats well, is extremely active, & on track milestone wise I dont give a crap, you know?
  4. As PP brought is up is there anything else developmental wise that you are questioning? Does he look at you when you call his name?
  5. Baby boys do progress slower than baby girls too. I had DS first and DD second and was astonished at how much quicker she did things like roll over etc. than DS did. Both of them were peanuts too, meaning 2 years old and right around 20#. Now they're 19 and 15 and just fine health wise. Don't know if this helps but it was my experience.
  6. I would feed first including all food groups, protein veg and a carb and then the milk. Also maybe look into a tri vitamin.
  7. Boys can be a lot slower reaching milestones. My sister and I developed much faster than my brother, sometimes doing things months ahead of him. Just give it some time and see how it plays out. If he doesn't gain weight for awhile I'd bring him to the doctor if I were you.
  8. i think if it's only the weight that differs, it's ok. as long as other developments are on track (each baby differ, but certain milestones should be reached by certain ages). boys and girls to develop slightly differently. i remember, my dd never crawled (i was worried unnecessarily =P) and was walking alone by 11/12months. my ds started crawling much earlier, but ended up actually walking independently later than dd.

    my dd (child no.1) was a chubby little baby. my ds (child no.2) however, has always seem to be a slender baby (& he actually is a much better eater than his sister). my ds is much more active and taller than my dd at the same age. since the early months, he's always been on 50th percentile for weight & 90th percentile for height. my dd was the other way round up to age 3....after she started pre-school, she lost all her baby weight and is now on 50th percentile (height&weight).

    like others have suggested, it's best to consult your children's doctor.

    all the best to you!
  9. I've also heard this. Boys can be slower developmentally than girls initially.
  10. My daughter was the same way- 7 lbs 4 oz a week late, 9 lbs at 2 months, and so on. She just barely hit 20 lbs when she turned 2. She's now 2 1/2, and weighs not quite 23 lbs with all her clothes on- she still wears 18month pants, because anything else falls off of her! Sometimes, kids are just little- and as long as they are healthy and happy, they're usually okay. I wouldn't worry too much unless he's having some kind of serious developmental delays.
  11. Oh you have a little one too :heart: Can I talk about pants? LOL, I hate shopping/buying them. My girl's waist is soooo tiny. Sometimes with the adjustable waists I have to put them on the last button which causes the pants to stick out on the side & it looks stupid. 18 month pants are too short for my daughter. What I can buy in size 18 months is capris as long as they are short enough. Shirts fit her just fine & most dresses are ok, too. I'm sorry I had to let that out. :shame:
  12. My son is a little shrimp too! He was born 4 lbs 6 ounces, about 3 weeks early. At his 6th month check up, he weighed 14 lbs 3 oz. I asked the doctor if it was normal weight gain for him, and he said it was fine. So I think you're on the right track too!
  13. My son will be turning 5 months this Friday. When he was born he was 5 lbs 11 ozs and he was 16 days early. When he went in for his 4 months check up he was at 10 lbs 6 ozs. He has a small face and he is skinny but he is a long child. (He's currently 64cm) The doctor said he is healthy and his weight is just going to his length. Right now he is on rice cereal and his first tooth is coming out so he's been in a lot of pain and he's been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months old, so I'm a very happy mommy.
  14. ^LOL....My HAYDEN was born weighing almost 10 POUNDS....hehe...My back is KILLING ME..he is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and LOVES to be held...he is 6 weeks now and has gained ALOT of weight too.

    I think every child is different in all honesty.Talk to your doctor...Im sure your child is fine.I know my daughter was a month early and was always tiny..till she hit kindergarten.Then she really grew fast!
  15. i wouldn't be too concerned if ur pediatrician isn't....and it doesn't sound like they are! remember that he was born 4 weeks early. technically, just on the borderof full term, but those four weeks should be taken into consideration for his current (adjusted) age. as long as he isn't plotting too low on weight charts, try not to worry too much. babies mature at different speeds, so comparison between dd and ds are difficult. ur breastmilk is probably fine, if the doctor was unsure, they would say so