Anyone else have a problem with bag sizing?

  1. Anyone else find it difficult to find the right size in LV bags?

    For example I find the Speedy 25 too small but the Speedy 30 too big!

    Also, I find the Cabas Piano too small and the Cabas Mezzo too big!

    And the Ribera Mini too small and the Ribera MM too big! :cursing:

    We need some "inbetween sizes"! :P
  2. I have that problem with the Speedy 25 and 30!!
  3. Try the Batignolles line - BH is a good size and the regular Batignolles is smaller w/shorter's all a personal preference.
  4. I have the regular Batignolles and it is my favourite LV bag!!
  5. I am having a heck of a time with the Damier Saleya. The pm is a touch on the small size and the mm is a bit large for every day use. I do love the shape of the bag though.
  6. I agree with the cabas; the piano is too small for my tastes (I saw it in irl, and I was disappointed) but I'm beginning to think that the mezzo is much too big! I wish they had a bag that was in the "middle".
  7. I've the same problems..I think it's because I'm short (5'4") and chubby (110 Lbs), but I love love love big bag (I have lots of thing to carry, of cause).:choochoo:

    I, actually, think I wanted Speedy 35-40, but when I tried them on they're kind of bigger than me; so I picked Speedy 30 which couldn't load all my stuffs.

    I like to have BH, but I think it's a bit too small (I love to have it in 6-7" w); I think about Cabas Messo, but it is too big..

  8. yes
  9. I totally agree!
  10. Count me in...some of the bags would be PERFECT...if the size were just a tad different.
  11. Yes, I have found that many of the bags are too small for my taste, ie the soufflot and jasmine. I guess I like large handbags and wasted space. I am adjusting to the size of each bag.
  12. OMG i was actually thinking about posting something like this. i totally agree and hear you girl!

    speedy 25 too small / 30 too big
    papillon 26 too small / 30 too big
    MC trouville too small / MC speedy too big
    manhattan pm too small / gm too big

    it is hard to find bags that is "perfect" for me.

    ugh! i don't think LV likes short people (like me) very much! lol.
  13. Yes! I find that most of the bags I love and buy are either too small or too big. I think only my Denim Baggy PM and my Suhali Le Tal are the "right" sizes.
  14. I hear you, I have found that too. The epi speedy 25 (which is right between the canvas 25 and 30) is perfect for me. My Denim Baggy PM is just a tad small, but the GM is too big. I got my Denim Porte Epaule MM today, and it is gorgeous, but a tad too big... That is okay, I love LV too big or too small.
  15. No problem at all. My favorite is Speedy 30...ah its so prettyyy.
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