1. OMG... I was trying to locate a bag for the past hour and it isn't available in the Chanel Boutiques (where the SA's are much friendlier). Anyway... I have the style number and UPC and they are telling me that if they don't have it no one does (Saks NYC). They wouldn't even look in their computer. So I call the Atlanta store - she also won't look in her computer. (keep in mind they are trying to sell me alternate bags in the process). I was so angry that I couldn't get any help. To top it off, I was given wrong information by Chanel NYC regarding the bag, so I can't even get it from them b/c they don't know what they are talking about. (I love Brendan though, he always takes care of me, but he's on vacation all week). So I GOOGLE Saks and dial the Boca store and Melissa not only helped me by looking in the computer, SHE FOUND IT and I bought it right over the phone. It makes me so angry that the NYC Saks SA's are so freaking evil - I just want to smack them. I mean, I would always go through the boutique, but they aren't carrying what I want.

    Anyone else have issues???:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  2. Same thing happened with my friend at the Saks in NYC. I was with her at the time and we were trying to locate an ultimate soft foldover bag. Saks said they'd call us back when they had a "moment to check" and never did even though we were waiting at the restaurant upstairs. I really think it depends on which SA you get - I think Ndo does a good job but he's the only one!
  3. yup. The same thing happened to me with a number of Saks SA's when I was trying to locate a Cambon reporter bag.

    It was so frustrating. I had much better luck w/ Neimans.

    BTW what bag did you buy?