anyone else have a problem fitting 'the girls' into shirts and dresses?

  1. i had a rather discouraging shopping experience today. i love all the babydoll-style tops with empire waists to wear over leggings and skinny jeans - the empire seam hits at the thinnest part of my body, the flowy material disguises unsightly tummy bulge, and i have thin legs for my size-14 frame, so the skinny bottoms show that off. me + current trends = match made in clothing heaven, right?


    i also have D-cup boobs. today at anthropologie, not a SINGLE shirt or dress with an empire seam that i tried was cut so that my boobs would fit in the two little (and i emphasize little) places made specifically to accomodate boobs. not even if i took off my bra and the extra bulk that it created. no go. since most of these shirts and dresses are deep-v to balance out the extra cloth in the rest of the shirt, even the stretchy jersey tops that i could squeeze the girls in to gave me an EMBARRASSING amount of porn-star cleavage. i usually just ended up with seams running across me about a third of the way down my boob, instead of around my ribcage, where they're supposed to go.

    i can't be the only one with this problem!

    i did find one really cute free people tube dress that i successfully corralled my boobs in to.
  2. What a fortunate problem to have ;). I have a c-cup and onnnnce in a while I'll let the seam hit mid- to low-boob, but it isn't usually a problem. When the girls can't fit comfortably into the designated areas, I just get it past the nips and call it a day. Over the hill, if you will.
  3. I know exactly what you're going through!

    I'm a uk size 8 or 10, with a 32E chest! And I am only 5ft2!

    My friends are jealous of my ample chest, but I hate them being so big, i'd love to be a C cup!
    It's so difficult to find clothes to fit, especially shirts and dresses!

    Bravissimo are a good company, they make shirts for big chested ladies, with the rest of the shirt being fitted too - really good, you should check them out, although i dont know if they ship internationally.

    There have been times when I have got so upset and frustrated with my boobs being so out of proportion and not being able to find clothes and bras to fit that its made me cry! Girls with C cups, you dont realise how lucky you are!
  4. I have the same problem, as does my mom :sad: I haaaaaaaaaate it!!

    The shirt fits great everywhere else, except for the boobs. I tend to have this problem with shirts that have wording around the breast area. hehe, I once tried on a shirt that said "Esprit" on the front...when I tried it on, it said:

  5. aaaaaaallllll the time.

    DDs here and I'm usually ripping through a shirt like the Hulk.
  6. I have small C's and no real problems.

    In your position, I'd wear a cami that matches the shirt underneath so that you can still wear the shirts you like without being exposed.
  7. I have this problem sometimes and I'm not even that large.... I cannot find button down shirts that fit right and some dresses don't fit either. It's frustrating!
  8. I hate that -- no cute camis or empire tops of any sort, no button downs, nothing unless I want to wear something that looks like a tent:sad:
  9. I also have this problems, and it sucks a lot! I love my girls but damn sometimes I get mad at them for being so big! I hate those shopping days were nothing really fits in that area!
  10. Same problem here. There are some minimizer bras out there now that aren't horrible to wear or look at, and they help with the busting-out-of-the-buttons problem. Unfortunately, that won't help with an empire waist shirt or dress. They usually don't have enough area from neckline to band to cover the girls, and a bigger size just gets wider.

    Oh, how I have always wished I could wear cute litte tops. My smaller chested friends do not seem to have any sympathy for this problem...the grass is always greener, isn't it?
  11. Seconded! I've seen women do that and it actually looks pretty nice!
  12. that works for button-downs, but for tops that you pull over your head (ones that don't fasten), i'm pretty much SOL.
  13. I am so envious of you ladies!! Anyone want to share some boobage with me and my little (and by little, I mean LITTLE) girls??! :sad:
  14. i wish i had that problem! to help alleviate the problem would you mind donating a part of the 'girls' to me? i need some help in that department.
  15. I'm a B cup and *I* have problems with this sometimes too! Why? Well, I have a pretty broad back/shoulders, so some shirts gap in the front in the boob area when I button them up. :cursing: But if I go up a size the shirts are too loose in the waist. I've even had to sew on tiny snaps in between buttons on a few shirts so they'll close up properly.