Anyone else have a mother in law-

  1. with NO tact?
    My mother in law called today from vacation to check in on us. Really she called to check that my husband was going to pick them up from the airport, but I'm trying to believe that she truly wanted to know we're ok. When she asked how things were going here, I updated her on the progress on the house (They started the DEMO-my house thread) and how my seven month old was doing. She, without hesitation said, "I'm glad you started on the house, now maybe you'll lose the weight from the baby." Anyone else feel the stab...
  2. Boy, I feel your pain:wtf: I would share horror stories, but I never know how many of my family members or friends of the family might also be visiting here:shrugs: and when I joined, I didn't think ahead to use a good screen name.
    Feel free to e-mail or pm me and we can share;)
    I'm so sorry for your misfortune, but you are NOT alone!
  3. I have plenty of tactless mother-in-law stories to time my m-i-l complained that I wasn't wearing an underskirt and the shape of my legs could be seen when the sun shone through....
  4. does anyone have a nice MIL?
    my mil is the devil in human form, really. her most recent put down was when i arrived at her house just after dinner and she asked me if i wanted any cake (they were all having some) when i said no she looked me up and down and said probably a good idea!!!!!!!!!! she is twice the size of me.
    thanks for letting me vent.
  5. whoaoooooaooooo!!! If my MIL ever said that (granted I dont have one yet) I would tell my DH and make sure he said something to her! If he didnt, there would be serious issues...

    My BF's mom and I get along but she is the type of person that no matter how much she likes me, she will change her opinion at the drop of a hat just to satisfy her kids and kiss their asses.. no matter who she hurts, including her children in laws... that pisses me off, her kids could murder someone and she would still think they were right
  6. merika thats too funny. i also get " i know you have big boobs but do you need to make them so obvious" i could be wearing a sack and she would still say it
  7. OUCH!!! That was below the belt. My DH would have yelled at his own mom if she said something like that. Geez when I read that part I literraly did this :push:

  8. Im sorry, I woulda mentioned that it wouldnt be a good idea for her either... rude biatch!:cursing:
  9. Youre lucky your DH would voluntarily do it.. I have to BEG and threaten my BF to stand up for me, (especially when his family says malicious things to me for no reason.. that was last year when one of his sisters didnt like me as much... now that we've been together for 5 years, they're coming around) however, ts hard for me to admit, but I hate having to tell my BF that his ba!!s need to be bigger.. so to speak... I still love him tho.. hehe
  10. My MIL has been gone for 2 1/2 years and I still miss her.We had normal misunderstanding in the beginning but worked it out eventually. Last 9 months of her life, I visited her everyday. It still brings tears in my eyes when I think about her.
  11. ^its nice to know threre are a few nice ones out there, you were very lucky.
  12. LOL, at least there coming around though. Luckily my MIL and I get along great, shes truely like a second mom. But with all families theres annoying little things that happen. Like the wedding guest list was totally taken over by his mom. But I told him it was getting annoying that I only had a handful of people and his mom was inviting people I never met. So he told her to back off and she nicely said she was sorry. It's cute she calls me "my bride".
  13. Sounds like my high school sweethearts mother! This is exactly how she was. That was YEARS ago but when I read through this it made me remember. I'm so happy I didn't end up with her son....LOL. That would have been a nightmare because I certainly would not have put up with her...

    My dear MIL passed on last year and she was the sweetest woman ever. I have no complaints about her. She never made rude remarks. She did get upset when I told my sons names to family and friends before they were born. She didn't like that at all. She had a belief that you should never tell anyone the childs name before the child is born because it was supposedly bad luck to do so. When I think about that now it makes me laugh. I miss her...
  14. Believe me when I say I feel your pain. May I share a few comments from mine? "You shouldnt drink soda thats why you have a stomach." "You didnt get that job because you have a stomach." After talking about buying a condo in the Phillippines "Greg (My husband) maybe you can find a girlfriend there."
  15. I truly feel for you ladies. I can't even imagine. It's not really's kind of sad actually...