Anyone else have a "fear of the wild" - as in, exotics?

  1. I am certainly not trying to offend anyone here, but I want to know if I am not alone in my feeling about exotics....I have no desire for a crocodile or ostrich bag, and in fact, I am a little repulsed by them (I do happen to like croc or ostrich in watch straps - go figure). I recognize I am way way in the minority on this. At the same time, I fear one day waking up and being bitten by an "exotic bug" - suddenly wanting an ostrich or even a croc, and they are WAY out of my reach, money wise. Anybody else in the same boat (on any of these points)?

    Yes I know, I am a wacko. But you all are so good to put up with it.
  2. That happened to me... I just woke up wanting a croc one day...
  3. i am 100% with you Jedimaster
  4. You aren't alone, jedimaster. They don't appeal to me, although I won't usually 'fess up to it, since I know exotics are so widely adored.

    My head knows they're rare, coveted, and beautiful objects, but they still freak me out on a totally neurotic, personal level. It's sad, really.
  5. Thats about how I am, though I am not repulsed by they (except the naked chicken skin ostrich)...I really can see how incredibly beautiful they are, asthetically...but I do not desire them for myself. PHEW.

    (But if you gave me a rouge vif lizard kelly pochette I wouldnt hate you)
  6. I do admire exotic bags, but have a reptile no croc or lizard for me. I can't even touch croc bags it makes me feel unwell, this goes for watch straps as well.
  7. Nope, not me.:p However, it's probably because unlike some other brands, Hermes does such a great job w/ their dyes that the skins never resemble their au natural state.

    For example, the exotics at BV sometime freak the crap out of me cuz they literally look like they were just taken right off the animal or reptile (e.g. python, stingray, kagaroo, etc.):push:
  8. Hmm I only like croc, don't really like the ostrich or the lizard but it's just a matter of personal taste, not a phobia thing. It could be that crocs (and snakeskin, when is H coming out with some snakeskin items?!) are used to make traditional leather goods already, so I don't have much phobia of them.
  9. Oops, I forgot to add that knowing both croc and ostrich meat are commonly consumed also helps. I'm not sure about snake meat...:shrugs: maybe in some countries.
  10. jedi- I am so 100% with you on every point I could have written your post!
  11. joy, gga, pgn - I am so relieved to hear I am not alone. Rose - your post scares me - the fact you woke up one day and wanted a croc. How did this happen? Was there a triggering event?

    With respect to everything else I have grown to like (or suddenly liked) there was a triggering event - in the case of the kelly bag, it was seeing vintage ones carried by younger women. This changed my perspective so I no longer saw this as an "old lady" or "frou frou" bag. In the case of the Lindy, it was holding one in the store. And in both cases, I never disliked either bag, it was more a question of ambivalence (in the case of the kelly) or indifference (in the case of the Lindy).
    So maybe I can keep myself safe from exotics by not ever touching one.
    By the way, I am not repulsed by live reptiles - I think those little lizards you see all the time on the street in Florida (salamanders? gila monsters?) are very cute.
  12. Hee hee, I'm the opposite. I think live reptiles are kind of gross (they smell bad to me), but I actually really like croc on a bag. Lizard, not so much, for some reason.
    I also went through an eelskin phase in the 80s like a lot of people--but I eat eel happily as well so that's a little different.
  13. Oh good. I just took my son to a little 'live animal show' for kid's hour at the local library. The advertisement promised small cuddly animals.

    Guess what the piece de resistance was? They asked a bunch of kids to stand in line with their arms held out and brought out a 10 foot boa constrictor!

    I think I must have broken some record for a short distance dash.
  14. I used to be that way, especially about python - but one day, after admiring different python and croc bags, mainly H croc pieces, my fear just "disappeared"? I prefer python in shoes more than bags, though. And I'm still not a big ostrich fan. I love the way ostrich H bags look in certain colors (fuchsia, orange, vert anis), but I don't see myself ever owning one.
  15. I love the bright red crocodile bags - from a distance, of course.