anyone else have a bad experience at the madison store?

  1. i have been calling around looking for twillys to have them shipped to me...most of the stores are really nice about it...but this one, was extremely rude! EVEN though they did have the one in stock that i wanted AND i bought it, the SA was still a snobby condescending arse over the phone! he mispronounced my name after THREE times i corrected him, and his tone was just so condescending!

    no i'm not buying a $10,000 birkin right now but i shouldn't have to buy one in order to be treated with respect...i STILL am a fact, i have consumed 5 twillys, a bearn wallet and a cadena in less than a month's time...i know that's little league compared to most Hermes customers out there but it just outrages me to be treated with such rudeness...AND to top it all of, the shipping from there is 20.00 bucks for a TWILLY AND they tax on the twilly AND tax the shipping charge...all the other twillys i've ordered have not even come close to this charge!

    sorry guys..i just needed to is sleepless nights and the pregnancy aches/pains that are getting the best of me...

    thanks for listening
  2. When you have to vent you have to vent.

    All I can say is...this can happen shouldn't happen, but it does. Do try and give them another chance. There are no excuses, but do try again.
  3. xboob, i'm sorry this has to happen. it's not you, it may be that this SA has a bad day but i know, it's not an excuse for such rudeness. and no, i haven't dealt with that store YET!
  4. I was actually at the madison store this week and my first experience was pretty bad. It was so bad in fact that we went in the next day to speak with a manager about the service. The next day we had a wonderful SA and he redeemed the madision store experience. I told him of the service issue the day before and he was very sorry. I think it depends on the SA. I have had good and bad experiences in every store . . . but I will admit that I have never been so angry after a shopping experience as I was on my first H madison trip.
    I am sorry that happened.
  5. The Madison store seems to have really big extremes of service - ome PFrs have raved about them, and others have had terrible experiences. Sorry to hear that yours wasn't pleasant - I agree, whether you spend $5 or $50,000 you're still a customer wherever you are!

    Don't worry - feel free to vent!
  6. Absolutely vent! There is never an excuse for crappy customer service, but unfortunately, it happens. Try them again as there are so many excellent SA's out there.
  7. VENT VENT VENT! please do so!! i'm sooo sorry this happened to u. as always, there are some good ones and there are some bads ones. it is annoying though....but don't give up on that store!! i hear they have loads of goodies all the time!
  8. It really bothers me when I hear people being treated this way in an upscale store. Everyone has a bad day now and then but IMO they do NOT have the luxury of taking it out on their customers.
  9. There are a few SA's that just have crappy attitudes. He may have just been in a bad mood or maybe he is just a snotty person in general. I wouldn't even want to imagine what some of them deal with in attitude from customers, but nonetheless someone as cool as you does not deserve such treatment.

    Next time you're looking for something, let me know and I will give you my SA's info in Chicago. She's a doll.
  10. They do have extremes of service...I had to really work hard and use all my measly charms to win one seems you need to go in there first on a reconnaisence (ok can't spell this word that well) mission and then approach the SA you determine is "most approachable" based on how they interact with other customers. It shouldn't have to be this way but it is. I finally decided to think of the place as a country club...use all available connections/charms....find a the club the "membership"...

    They may be rude at times...but you know you still want it...
  11. I love the Madison Avenue store and will PM you some SA names right now!
  12. I posted a couple of months back that on my first trip to Mad ave, a SA tried to question if my evelyne was a fake....she didn't know that the GM2 had a pocket on the outside LOL!!!
  13. I visited my Hermes store 3 times before I found a SA I really wanted to work with. I nearly gave up on buying anything from there, but for some reason, that day I found my SA, something told me to walk in. I didn't even buy anything on that 4th visit, but I found a SA I really loved. Now, ironically, 2 of those 3 SAs who were snobby to me (one of them no longer works there) then are soooo nice to me now!
  14. sorry to hear about your experience.. I am glad that you spoke with the manager to let them know that the service was unacceptable..
  15. :wtf: !!! :roflmfao: