Anyone else hating Plazatoo right now?

  1. Their "customer service" or lack thereof is HORRIBLE.

    So last Tuesday, I saw that Plazatoo was having a sale. I had actually visited their site a few days earlier and was thinking about purchasing a marked down Kooba Nina in slate. I decided to wait. When I heard about their sale, I saw that the nina was marked down even more and ordered it. They sent me their automated order recieved notification which said that the order would be processed within 48 hours. I assumed my order wouldn't be cancelled b/c the nina was still up on the website after I ordered ALL WEEK LONG. I waited. I called plazatoo ALL DAY Thursday, with no answer. I finally emailed them on Friday, and never recieved an email back about my order. Last night I sent another email saying I was really dissatisfied with their customer service and Michelle finally replied back today saying my order was cancelled. I mean seriously? It takes a WHOLE WEEK to let me know my order was cancelled. Plazatoo has a "promise" that "any email sent will be answered within 24 hours." Well it took 4 days to recieve a reply. She didn't even apologize or offer a discount on my next purchase or anything. If you're ordering from plazatoo anytime soon, just be warned they have 0 customer service and their website doesn't update.
  2. OH MY NERD!!!! I thought it was just me. I attempted to order some Jack Rogers on sale, put them in the cart then got nervous because their site is not secure enough for my liking. So I decided to call them...which was mess because like you mentioned no actual cust service. I was so miffed. 2 diff dames asked me why I wasn't using the site...Well each time I move from page to page it says non secure/secure information will be transferred and at the bottom of the page there is no secure lock. So I had no choice but to call. I was so done with them done. The chick could hear it in my voice:cursing: She then goes on to tell me that those shoes are gone..sorry:rolleyes: I said oh no wait let me take them out of the cart...she was like no they should not have been up there...they are sold out. I wanted to reach through the phone...but I had to stay saved:shame:. The dames themselve weren't rude(actually very apologetic) it was just the we-don't-have-it-together feeling I picked up that worried me.
  3. Add me to the list of haters. Time to scratch PLazatoo off my list of places to shop...
  4. Oh no. This is terrible information. I ordered from them last week and am STILL awaiting confirmation. Yikes! If I had known it would be so much hassle, I would have stayed far away. Everyone wants a deal, but who needs the aggravation?
  5. I am done with them too....3 orders, all cancelled.
  6. Not too happy with them either ... called to ask about shipping charges to Canada and the condition of the item (BTW item was on sale, wanted to make sure that there was nothing obviously wrong with it). Never received a return call ... nothing! I like a deal but seriously who needs the headache! Sometimes it's worth just buying it IRL from a store ... may cost more but at least item is in good condition and in your hot lil' hands right away!
  7. If they keep this kind of CS, I am pretty sure they will be out of business pretty soon.
  8. omg. I'm so annoyed! I wrote Plazatoo three times asking for them to cancel my order when I found out the woman I spoke to on the phone misquoted me on the shipping price and the method. I can't do UPS and she said it was USPS! So when I go to check out, *bam* higher shipping rate, and what the...UPS??? So too late. It's already ordered, so I write to say, hey, cancel my order if that's the case. Not only did they NOT follow my order and choose to ignore the 3 emails I sent them, but I just got the box (which my neighbour was nice enough to hold onto since I'm never home and can't receive UPS packages - why I didn't want that shipping method) and guess what? the shoes I wanted aren't even in there. It's a pair of shoes that were just a little 2ndary item. They cost less than the amount I was charged for shipping!!!!

    Argh. This is the worst store ever. I'm really P'O'd.
  9. Their online service really sucks. I called and e-mailed about my order for a LAMB wallet.. nothing.. I was charged 89.46 but no confirmation number or anything. :T And in the e-mail, they said the quantity was zero, does that mean I didn't get anything? Urggh, still charged though.

    However, I have to vouch for their store service.. Depending on the store anyway, Hudson Street in NYC is very helpful, respond to e-mails and calls ASAP. However, I had no such luck with the one on broadway. :p
  10. oh my gosh! thats awful. i ordered a marked down pair of mbmj shoes and everything went through. they are supposed to arrive via ups tomorrow. i hope they arrive! im so sorry the way everything turned out for you and i hope their customer service steps up and corrects the issue!
  11. I've heard from several people that it's best to call one of the B&M stores during a sale like that. I've never shopped from Plazatoo online but I did receive excellent CS from one of their stores when I did a charge send. And my item arrived perfectly 2 days later even though they said it would take up to 48 hours just to process it and send it to the shipping warehouse.

  12. That's too bad...sorry for your bad experience amdorn. I ordered a Kooba Braeden from them over a year ago, and when it arrived I opened the box giving it a 'once over' and then put the box containing the bag in a closet. Months later, I remember having the bag and thought perhaps I might want to carry it, so I took it from it nesting place in the closet. I was shocked to find that it still had the large ink securi tag attached to it, but more surprised that I hadn't noticed it!!! :sad::shrugs: How I could have been so blind as not to see such a huge tag, I can't explain. I emailed them to let them know about their mistake and received a short reply instructing me to send it back. They removed the tag and promptly sent it back to me, but I never received an apology nor a reimbursement of my shipping/insurance fees. Given the fact that it was their mistake, I felt they should have at least offered an apology.
  13. Count me in , will think long and hard before ordering from them again. Placed an order and received a confirmation, two days later another confirmation. Did not notice immediately that the second confirmation had " quantity 0" meaning they cancelled the order. Hello, do you know how to spell Cancelled or Canceled? Another Bloomies...who needs it.
  14. Yikes! Sorry to hear about all the awful experiences but thank you for putting this thread together so others know!! Gotta love TPF!
  15. i ordered a pair of TB revas online that was supposedly on sale a few days ago. well, i got the heebie jeebies and decided that the TB revas weren't for me. however i checked my card statement and they have already credited the money - TWICE! ugh. can any kind soul advise me on whether it will be easy to cancel the order and get a refund?