Anyone else hate the skinny jeans trend?

  1. I hate skinny jeans! I wouldn't like them even if they did look good on me, but they don't. I love how long, flared jeans make a short gal look taller. Anyone else care to join me in boycotting this trend?
  2. I will join your boycott- I don't like the skinny jeans.
  3. i will join the boycott, i do not like skinny jeans at all :throwup:
  4. I'm with you. I think skinny jeans are the worst.
  5. It looks good on some people but not on me I think.
  6. I love skinny jeans but not on the time I lose all my weight & can fit in them the tread should be over. LOL!
  7. The skinny jeans trend started really early in Australia and after what feels like three seasons, I'm over them. Straight-leg and slightly flared jeans are so much more flattering for shorter bodies!
  8. i wore black ones today.

    i like them with certain tops...they certainly don't go with EVERYTHING. however, with those long, slightly loose tops, 4 inch heels and a belt...they do look alright. i am starting to get sick of them tho...i'm loving the bf jean look next season!
  9. I'll join your boycott, ladies!! I don't like the skinny jeans either
  10. I'll join the boycott. Skinny jeans look god awful on me! They enhance everything I usually try to hide.
  11. I hate them..I don't need jeans clinging to problem areas and highlighting parts I DON'T like. I like jeans that flatter me, not make me look horrible, which skinny jeans do.
  12. I hate skinny jeans too. It brings out the most unflattering part of my body.
  13. They are the ugliest jeans I've ever seen..
  14. :sad: They make my hips and butt look huge!! It makes me think I need to lose 50 lbs just putting a pair on!
  15. I'm not buying ANY stovepipes but, instead, I'm buying fitted but not ridiculous straight leg jeans to wear with flats for fall.