Anyone else going through their closets???

  1. OMG I have sooooooo many shoes it's just not right lol!! And as much as I can part with a few, it seems I just have way too many!! I have managed in the last year or so to not buy as many, and really try to stick with the "one in, one out" rule which does work really well....but today I actually got in to start my fall closet cleaning and it's really quite nuts:upsidedown: !!! DH also happened to come home while I was in the middle and had pulled boxes out and he was not impressed!!:wtf: I guess part of the reason is there are just sooo many different needs for shoes and where I live, I need lots of boots (you know, some dress, some for bad weather, etc.) Oh well I have lots of excuses for needing so many I guess!! And it seems I can't be happy with one or 2 pr. of sneakers...although I really don't even wear them that much! Just wondering if anyone else is as bad as me so I don't feel alone.....:smile:
  2. Shoes ~ I Am Definitely Going Through My Closet...I Have Bought A Lot Knew Things For The Season *Trying To Find Room*.....Even Though It's Much Warmer Down Here. I Will Always Have My NE Shopping Habits!!! I'm Still Boot Crazy.....I Still Am Look For Bad Weather (Because I Am Always Traveling To NY & NE).....Just Not As Many.......There's Never Enough Shoes!!!!!!!! :smile: