Anyone else get very sad seeing wild animals pass away?

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  1. I guarantee more of you are like this, but I get so sad when I see dead animals, or when I see them get hit or die :sad:... Yesterday morning I woke up and suddenly heard a bang and I look outside, look down and theres a gorgeous yellow and beige bird moving a bunch, then it just stopped and slowly fell into place and passed away.. It made me SO sad I was crying and woke up my boyfriend to get him off of our balcony... This stuff happens everyday and I know I shouldn't be so sad but I am :sad:.
  2. I think anyone that loves animals values their lives, whether they are pets or wild animals. Therefore, it is always going to be hard to see one pass away. If it helps to comfort you when something like this happens, try to remember that the animal is at peace and no longer experiencing any pain, hunger, or discomfort. And remember, too, that wild animals do not leave grieving owners behind, and in this way they are different from our pets. Hopefully thinking about it in that light will make it easier for you.
  3. Yes its sad to me too.... I live in BC and almost everyday I commute to work something is dead on the road... the saddest was a fawn and the mother was still there standing by her baby and a little tiny black bear cub. Makes me sick to the stomach for the whole day.
  4. Unfortunately, I've seen the opposite. The doe was down and the fawn was standing there like it had no idea what to do next.

    Which I'm sure it didn't.
  5. Yes, I feel bad when I see dead animals on the road. Wild or domesticated, especially cats as I think of mine.
    I can't stand watching the wildlife shows on TV. They will depict the cute baby lion, etc. You know eventually they will show the cute baby lion eating a deer or something. I know it's nature but not fun to watch.
    And I cannot understand people getting enjoyment out of hunting. I know there are arguments about the deer starving if they are not hunted but it still seems cruel to get enjoyment out of killing a beautiful creature.
  6. It makes me sad too. I drive to get to my classes and I can't even remember a day since the semester started where I haven't seen a dead animal. Usually I see a dead animal in the distance and it makes me cringe and I have to concentrate on not looking at it when I drive past it.
  7. Yes, I hate driving on AZ freeways because of the amount of Mule Deers, Coyotes and other cute little creatures from Nature dead on the road. Lately I have seen more and more domestic dogs as well. Whenever they are alive, I pick them up to save them from death. I should open a kennel! I have found quite a few Dogs and adopted them out to good homes. But I can't do the same for wild animals, I wish :sad:
  8. I live in an urban area and so many domestic animals die on our streets locally.
    There are stray dogs roaming constantly and getting hit near my home on a busy road.
    Dog owners leave their pets out all day, or don't secure a safe place in their yards, so the animals easily escape.
    That's how we got our newest puppy last year. I had seen it coming by from time to time looking in our yard. On a cold rainy day, it pushed through my gate and wouldn't leave. She had no collar, tags, tattoo, microchip, nothing. We fed her, took her for an exam, and now she's a happy member of our family. (We did ask neighbors, looked online, asked the local vet., and contacted the city to try to find her rightful owners first.)
  9. ^^^That post was off topic, sorry. Yep, sad for sure. But mostly angry. All those deaths were totally avoidable.
  10. I do, when I was little and I'd watch the national geographic documentaries on lions etc. I'd bawl my eyes out if any of them died... I couldn't understand how the crew didn't interfere. I'm still like that when I watch RSPCA shows, I cannot understand how people can abuse their pets or any other domestic animal.

    We don't have dead carcasses lying on the road in my city... but on the big highways I see dead kangaroos, foxes, feral cats etc. all the time, I do feel alittle sad but they're dead, nothing I can do for them. I think it's human to feel sympathy and sadness when dealing with death. It'd be alittle weird if one didn't don't you think? :smile:
  11. Yes, any wild animal, whether I personally like them or not. Believe it or not, I don't like a lot of animal species out there, but I view them all with equal compassion, guilt, and value, which also depends on how endangered they are. For example, I don't like the mantled howler monkey but I am very in love with the domesticated cat. However, I'd much rather see a domesticated cat killed than another mantle howler monkey because the latter is endangered whereas the former is very abundant.
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    I couldn't bear to watch Meerkat Manor after seeing 2 little twins die on the show. I was horrified. I can't watch nature shows with lions and killer whales doing their thing. I simply cannot watch another herd of zebras or wildebeest running through a river with hungry crocs around. I don't like Shark Week when it shows the sharks dojng what they do with the seals. I just can't handle it. I know it's the circle of life, but I can't handle watching it.

    Another time, a kitty was making his way across a busy 4 lane street. He got hit and I was hysterical. The poor poor thing was flopping around - I swerved around him towards oncoming traffic. It was extremely traumatic - even recalling it is going to make me sad now :sad:
  13. ^^^ Ditto.

    Not too fond of finding the various remains in my yard either after one critter bested another.

    Except for Oppossums and snakes. For some reason, I don't mind when they get it.
  14. I agree, when I come home and it's been raining and all the frogs come out from the swollen ponds/rivers I'm running around to collect them because I can't bear to watch people drive over them :sad:
  15. I can't deal with it, can't watch's devastating to me. It f*s me up.