Anyone else get thier bluefly bbags??

  1. I got mine today, love it!!!! What do you ladies think? Are you happy, I know you all like to pick the bag you want with the leather variations , but do you like the bags that were sent to you?
  2. Congrats on your white giant city!! I received mine yesterday. I'm keeping the white giant work, natural giant PT, and possibly the truffle giant work. I love them!!
  3. Damn girl you did well, I got the white city and I"m keeping it. I love the gold hardware, I usually wear white gold and silver but I love mixing metals, why not!!!!! I love that no one near me will have this bag, I never see them here, only on one guy and he looked great with the city bag!!! I think you should keep all of the bags, we got a great deal.
  4. congrats ladies.. I MISSED OUT!! :sad:
  5. I got the white giant PT, naturel giant city, and rouge giant hobo. I keep the moment, I have no idea which I'm going to keep, if any...we have 90 days, right? ;)
  6. I missed out too! I'm so envious of you ladies :crybaby: