Anyone else get the Chanel catalog in the mail?

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  1. I got mine in todays mail, it's the 2008 Spring-Summer Precollection Accessories. Lot's of bags and some jewlery and footwear.

    I like the largeflap that has perforated leather, with 2 zippers, lookes like the expandable one (sorry I don't know the exact name). It's $2595 and shown in white.

    I also like the flap with the large metal plate at $2450. But have to see what colors they come in. I'm sure we have all seen these bags already, but it's always nice when the brand sends out a catalog, with item numbers and price lists!

    Anyone getting anything for it?
  2. I got it back in Feb.
    I believe all S/S 08 precollection accessories are in store now.
    But funny, mine does not come with item numbers and price lists.
    Probably I'm not from U.S.?
  3. Mine had a thin paper insert that included the prices and stuff, it's a flip top spiral type of catalog. Of course it didn't include the earrings I am currently looking for, LOL!
  4. I got it quite some time ago. Mine did come with the price list though.
  5. I received mine quite some time ago too! It also came with the price list, but I'm not from the US.
  6. Mine came with a price list.
  7. Can the items in the catalog be found on the Chanel website or do you need to order a catalog?

  8. I get the catalogs because my SA added my name to the mailing list, just ask your SA to add your name too.
  9. Has anyone scanned and posted the catalog on tPF by any chance? I would love to see everything.
  10. I can try to scan mine tomorrow..Ive had mine a does have a price list too
  11. I didn't get one either :sad:... but I only bought once so that's probably why! thanks so much jill!
  12. i feel so left out, i didn't get one.
  13. i get the catalog w/ the price list too.
  14. I got it too. The bag I liked is the white bag with two pockets and MM closure lol. It was 3k+.

    I also really loved that Chanel metallic lambskin bracelet but it's something like $680. !!!
  15. Ooh Jill that would be most excellent... :graucho:

    You are the ultimate enabler ;)