Anyone else get scared to do this?

  1. I get scared that my 100% feedback will get ruined if i leave negative feedback for these zero bidders/buy it nowers that do not pay in case they leave a negative in return for no reason prior to being booted off eBay. Today i left a negative for a total time waster with 2 feedback and feel good about doing so.
  2. I get nervous about it too, but from what I understand the NPB either cannot leave you neg feedback or it doesn't count against your feedback rating if they do not respond to your NPB payment reminder. So, I always wait until I can close the NPB claim after they haven't responded. Hope this makes you feel better! :smile:
  3. Mulberrylove I hear ya- but I personally wouldn't leave a negative. In this situation I just curse them in my head and file a NPB to get my final value fees back. My 100% positive feedback is more important to me than risking it negging an idiot NPB. Though, as my most expensive item is about £50 (not nearly the price of an expensive bag) the fees incurred are only a couple of pounds at most- so it isn't really comparative with someone costing you many £s if you are selling luxury goods.
  4. Skigirl73 I didn't know that- an interesting piece of info!
  5. yup, i leave no fb or wait until the claim goes through..
  6. Wow. I have a completely different perspective. If I leave a neg for a NPB (and thank goodness I haven't had to do this for a LONG time!!), I fully anticipate receiving one in turn--and if I do, I appeal it with eBay and occasionally it's even removed.

    Why do I risk it? I just feel that feedback should be honest--otherwise what's the point? If someone doesn't hold up their end of the bargain by paying for the item they won, I feel that it's dishonest and a disservice to other sellers NOT to warn them via honest feedback.

    Yes, I know that as a seller getting a negative hurts--but any smart buyer will check to see the other side of the story via the FB you left for the sour grapes NPB person. On a similar note, it's literally impossible to maintain 100% feedback forever. You really can't please all of the people all of the time, no matter how hard you try and how honest you are. Once you get thousands of transactions under your belt, you're just inevitably going to have someone who leaves you a neg--whether it's because they're mad at YOU because THEY didn't pay, or whether it's because they just don't like you. Or your item. Or they're mean. Or some other random reason.

    I guess my overall point is that I DO leave negs when I have to, and if I receive one back for just doing what I think is right, well then I will wear that neg with pride.
  7. Yes it's scary. I just left my first neg feedback. A seller that sold me a fake louis vuitton. I can't believe that i have to pay 75 bucks just to get mypoupette to authenticate the bag, or lack thereof when i'm already out 300 for a fake bag. :sad:
  8. i would leave a negative because how else will other ebayers know who they are dealing with. I don't think it's right if you don't what if you are dealing with a seller who is selling fakes and the buyers are scared to leave a neg for fear they too will get one what happens to the next person who might buy from them. It will be a on going cycle and that person will continue selling untill someone tells others how there transaction went good or bad. Don't forget plenty of people will review both fd's and they can make a judgement on their own
  9. Yeah, it was mentioned on a few other threads in here. From what I understand if the buyer does not respond at all to your NPB claim, after you close the claim it is safe to leave neg feedback. A few of the posts said that the buyer cannot leave you negative feedback if the buyer doesn't respond and you close the claim, but others said that they can, but it doesn't count against you. This makes sense because it would only be retaliatory feedback by the buyer. I also just learned something that I didn't know about NPB and re-listing your item. If you have an item that is sold and have a NPB you are eligible for an insertion fee credit when you re-list the item. You may have known this, but I just found that info in the NPB info on eBay. While I don't want to jeopardize my feedback rating, I feel it is important to leave the neg feedback for NPB so that other sellers can be aware of who they are dealing with. Hope this helps!

    Vicki :smile:
  10. I had been in the past but from my personal experience, the people joined ebay, made a couple of positive purchases, then started going south. I left negative feedbacks when necessary and have never been left a retaliatory negative in return.
  11. I never leave negative for non payment, I always file the NPB strike on them but i just dont do the negtive feedback thing... maybe ill start, lol
  12. If I still did eBay, yes, I would be scared to do that, because that 100% positive is such a treasure. And yes, I have one.

    I know the other side of the argument, that others should be warned, but I think if you make a point of leaving really well thought out and glowing feedback manually - not use a program, that to anyone who really looks into your activity, those transactions where you left NO feedback will be a case of a very loud and clear kind of silence...
  13. Thankyou ladies some interesting views. I did file the NPB but she does have 2 feedback and has appeared to have paid those sellers so i thought this time i needed to let other sellers know what had happened (hence the neg) On several occasions i have had zero feedback buyers which have been kicked off Ebay before i had chance to neg so obviously they had done buy it now on several people. I even put immediate payment required on buy it now but this person messaged me and asked if i would accept a little bit less and that she would pay within 3 days when her pay cheque came through (when she didn't pay i contacted her and she asked me to wait another 2 days if i could as her cheque still hadn't cleared, i agreed being the nice person i am ) I will be sticking to my 3 day payment policy from now and filing a NPB everytime after this and also leaving negatives .
  14. Technically according to eBay rules they have 7 days to pay and you can't start the NPB process until after 7 days has elapsed anyway. Just an FYI.
  15. Can you have an auction and require immediate payment? Or is that for BIN only? Paying upfront is the normal way to do business. Anything else invites people who can't afford the item.

    IMO the feedback system on ebay is *broke.* I see many sellers of fake Hermes scarves with 100% feedback!