anyone else get really bad cramps during their period

  1. i got no sleep last night because my period pains were so bad. i draged myself out of bed at 3 to take some pain killers and then threw them up 30 mins later. im feeling a little sorry for myself today.
    anyone else suffer really badly? what helps?
  2. I vary sometimes I'll be fine no problems at all, other times I'll be really bad tempered but no pains but when I do have pains boy do I know about it. I feel very very sick and can't stand or lie down straight I feel dizzy and have a killer headache thankfully it doesn't happen all that often.
    I find curling in bed with a hot sugary cup of tea and a hot water bottle or BF, or BF strokes my lower back in a circular motion (not my tummy I'd throw up)

    I tend to find that the pains are worse when my eatting habits are poor, I tend to go through good food bad food stages.

    Hope you feel better
  3. The first day of my period is no fun. I have cramps, am moody, and am just in a plain ole foul mood. I tend to get loose stool on my first day, so I spend a lot of the day on the toilet.

    2 Midol's usually help to releive pain by the middle / end of the day.
  4. My menstrual cramps also tend to be in the front and the back, so I've got back aches too :sad:
  5. For the pain, I use Pamprin, for super bad pain I use Aleve. For killer pain I use muscle relaxers but you have to get them from the Dr.

    For nausea, I keep on hand sparkling water. Perrier is good because it's got great big bubbles and my stomach seems to like that.

    Other things that help with nausea: I eat very bland foods like rice cakes and plain white rice. Chew on crushed ice. I know it's bad for your teeth but it really does help with the nausea. I also keep the temperature in my house cool and that seems to help.

    One weird thing: certain smells make the nausea worse. So, I've learned over the years to stay away from smells that make me barf during my cycle like eggs, and chicken. Weird right!!?? But the smell of those things will make me puke almost instantly

    I hope some of my experience is usefull to you! Good luck!
  6. I get really bad cramps during my period, but it seems to be one month there really bad, then the next month they are bareable. When there really bad i cant sleep either and if i didnt take 2 or 3 pain killers i dont think i would be able to stand the pain its that bad. I went to the doctor a few years ago because they were bad then too and they gave me some pills which made my period less heavy.
  7. Do you use a heating pad?

    To be honest... when you feel that sick, pain killers do not even help. I was on track pretty well, but about 6 months ago had the worst cramps of my life and passed out. I was taken to the ER and the Dr told me that because of my tumor on my ovary plus cysts, some months it is really bad.

    What I can say is if you feel like you will faint- lay down! And make sure to try to take advil before the pain becomes unbearable. I take 800 mg of advil and if I am on a good month it will work.
  8. so pleased im not alone ladies. my mother thinks im just a sissy. lol.
    im feeling a little better today.
  9. So glad you're feeling better. I am guaranteed to miss 2 days of my life every month because I have to stay home and lay down because of cramps. Don't listen to others when they tell you you're a sissy. Someone told me the same thing once. But that was before I barfed all over them when I was too sick from nausea. :s
  10. i have been getting terrible cramps with my period ever since it first started 11 years ago! there are some months where it is more used to be really bad in high school, i would have to miss a day of school often as a result. i would be lying on the floor in pain! :sad: you're definitely not alone!
  11. I talked to my Dr. about bad cramps, and she suggested starting pain killers (ibuprofin or aleve) the day before your cramps start, if you can predict that. I'm glad you're feeling better today, and I hope you find something that helps!
  12. i have always had painful and heavy periods, and recently discovered that i have fibroids. at least now i have a reason for my years of bad periods.
  13. I take 800mg of advil too and it doesnt even always knock 'em out! :yes::confused1:
  14. I used to, they really bothered my day, it was hard to work at all on the cramp days! I got prescribed terolut´s to help with my heavy bleeding and cramping.
  15. I totally feel your pain. My cramps are so bad that I'm seriously curled on the floor sobbing in pain. It's horrible!

    I'm Chinese and my mom is very traditional when it comes to Chinese remedies, and all Chinese mothers I know tell their daughters not to drink cold beverages when you're on your period, and even a day or two before. At first I never believed her, but I've noticed that ever since I've stopped drinking cold beverages during my period, my cramps have been getting sooooo much better. Also, it really helps to drink hot tea with lots of honey, or hot chocolate. My mom makes me ginger tea with brown sugar and it helps soo much.

    I think the reason why you may have thrown up is because you took the pain medicine on an empty stomach. I've done that before in the middle of the night, waking up in extreme pain and popping pain relievers before feeling SO nauseous. Try taking the pain medication before you go to bed, regardless of whether you feel pain yet. It prevents the pain from coming during the night.