Anyone else get hated on for wearing makeup?

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  1. Anyone? I actually used to want to be (well...and still want to be) a makeup artist, so I absolutely LOVE playing with makeup, seeing new things I can try, seeing what works/what doesn't, etc. And just because I wear makeup almost everyday, a lot of people think I can't go out without it! Don't get me wrong, I'm def. not dependent on makeup... I just love playing with it! It's like art for me!! The comments don't really bother me that much it's just...annoying!!!

    Anyone else have a passion for makeup and get comments about it?
  2. They're just hating!! Do what you like! :yes:
  3. Don't listen to what they have to say... if makeup makes you happy, then keep wearing it! Who cares about the haters! :smile:
  4. Haha yeah. I know, I just gets annoying ya know? I look better than all of them anyway :p. Haha kidding, that's mean lol. It doesn't bother's just the same thing over...and over..and over..and over and over!! Blahhh
  5. There's a huge difference between people who pile on makeup because their skin is terrible and they need it, and people who just love experimenting with different colors/trends. Unfortunately a lot of people don't know the difference, and they think that everyone who wears a lot of makeup needs it and can't go without it.
  6. Just do as you please it is your face. If it were not for make up they will find some other way to get you.
  7. yeah definately! my bf's best friend (over the weekend) said to me.....i've never seen you without so much makeup on! you should just go out like this. and then when i was getting ready at my bf's apartment, he was sitting on the couch and he was saying STOPPP! STOPP! one of my other friends physically stopped me from going into the mac store at the mall..and complains that i wear bf does it too but i think he's gotten used to it........dont get me wrong, i love makeup but definately do not have time to do it when i go to school during the week or for basically the only time i do wear makeup everyday is on vacation, or on weekends/when i go out...

    it makes me feel bad when the say this to me but hey, this is me and if you don't like it then too bad coz i aint gonna change =)
  8. I love make up. I too think its a form of art. It's fun experimenting and trying out what looks good and what doesn't. When I see other women that has make up on and it looks like they got it professionally done i envy them. Most likely they did it themselves and I wish I could do it like them. I'm still learning...
  9. LOL! I give my cousin a hard time about it every time I see her. But I don't mean any harm, I just like to tease her with that. Just like she teases me about my taste for trashy movies. But I do see how it could become really bothersome when everyone actually believes you can't live without makeup.
    Either way, don't let it get to you. If you love it, then go for it!!
  10. ITA. There's a difference between making yourself actually look like a different person and accentuating what you have! Very good point:tup:
  11. Gosh, no...could it just be a function of where you live or your particular group of friends? My mom moved back to New Jersey a couple years ago and remarked to me that she had forgotten how few women bother with makeup in certain parts of the country. Most ladies around here wouldn't dream of leaving the house without their "face" on! *lol* I usually don't. I like to "play" with makeup, too, and not just to look good, either (as evidenced by my avatar!). Piss on 'em, and do what makes you feel good!
  12. I love the stuff. I have taught many (who have asked), what to buy and how to apply it. I find it so flattering when I see them and they try their best to make it look like mine. I have not found alot of haters because of cosmetics. Truth be told, I believe there may be haters because of your looking good. Just think to yourself "don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Then move on.
  13. I hate when people comment if someone is wering alot/ or experimenting with make up- it is their face I think it is out of line to give them a hard time about it. My dad says I wear too much (even though I dont)- but that is because I am dependet on it because I still have some marks from spots when I was pregnant
  14. I usually wear none or minimal makeup, but lately have been trying more. My bf doesn't like makeup. Actually, his entire family makes fun of his mother for putting on makeup whenever she goes out. I mean, it makes me feel bad and think of how things will be once I use more makeup...sigh...
  15. are you serious? i WISH someone would get on my for wearing makeup!! wish!!

    who wants to walk out the house with marks, pimples and dark circles under their eyes?

    you just can't knock a girl who likes to look good...can't

    I dont get comments, but then again, I dont come off as the kind of girl you want to complain to about my look. LMAO