Anyone else get banned from or lectured at an outlet?

  1. I used to go into a couple of outlet stores a few years ago and would buy $3k - $6k at a time. I would have to call my bank on the phone so they would authorize the large purchases (I have fraud protection incase someone steals my cards). Then one day, after I spent hours inspecting and picking out an armful of goodies at Coach, I was told I could only buy X items and I couldn't buy two of the same item, even if it was a different size. LOL I was soooo embarrassed. I haven't been back until a few months ago. I know now to pay cash for my purchases and try to dress to blend in more. And to have a story ready as to why I'm buying the items like "I need a new collar for my chihuahua and my mom just bought a pair of malti-poos so I need collars for them...can you help me find a bunch of collars?" LOL Dooney & Bourke does the same thing. Everyone else at the counter has one item they are ga-ga over and I look like a weirdo standing there with an armful of items.

    I feel like - hey, they are getting the price that they are asking for and money from me is good as $ from the next person. It's not like they are a charity giving their items away for a good cause to needy families - making sure each needy child gets a toy and there are enough to go around for everyone.

    It's ok - I don't mind driving a few hours away to another outlet for the moment. :boxing:

  2. Yep, happens all the time. They are supposively trying to stop people from selling their items one eBay. And to me that's a very good idea. I hate when people buy up the outlet so when I go there is nothing to choose from. If you are going to resell-just buy 1 of each so you can let the shoppers like me have a chance at the good stuff too! JMO.
  3. I just feel like if I want to buy them for myself, sell them, donate them, whatever I should be able to. I only sold a few handbags on eBay. I gave most of them to all the females for Christmas gifts - I know they'd never spend that kind of $ on themselves. I gave Dooney IT bags to all of the females under 18. They were estatic! :yahoo:

    Add: P.S. $3k at Coach doesn't get you too many items - definitely not the whole store. And $3k goes even less far at D&B lol
  4. I have heard of it happening.. I think it is lame.. I DO Think they should have a limit of like 3 items of each style so one person can't go in and wipe out the whole store, but I also think like you said, they are getting what they ask for the bag so what do they care? Oh well..... :rolleyes:
  5. Well said. I'm sick of people abusing the system. Coach isn't marking their items down for others to make a profit. I know if they stop doing outlets it will be because of resellers. Don't ruin it for the honest ones.
  6. I don't even do this, but I am just curious.. what does that statement mean exactly "don't ruin it for the honest ones" :confused1:
    Does that mean that people that buy to sell or give aren't honest?? :rolleyes:
  7. Yes that has happened to me and my friend at the Coach outlet.
  8. I agree. But, the coach prices in the overseas market are twice to three times the prices here. And, they are slightly behind in changing seasons too. So, the outlet items can be bought and sold overseas for 1.5 times the retail. I once saw an asian woman ring up $10,000 worth of outlet items. 19 shopping bags total. I imagined these bags will be sold overseas.
  9. Well said.
  10. I do agree with the limit idea. I know that when I go into a Coach outlet, when I see something that I may want to sell, I only buy ONE of the item in that color. Even if it is a steal, I still only buy one. I certainly do not judge people that want to buy and sell on Ebay; it is the people that grab every last one of a single item that piss me off. :cursing:
  11. I wondered the same thing.
  12. ITA and I think that Coach imposing limitations on what people can buy is to specifically keep people from doing this.

    I have mixed feelings about the practice of buying large quantities from the outlet with the sole intent to sell on eBay. I don't have an outlet closer than two hours from my house and so I don't get there as much as I would like. And, the outlets that are near don't have the best selection. Sometimes eBay is my only option and I wouldn't be able to get a specific bag if it wasn't for the eBay sellers. On the other hand, though, I understand why Coach is cracking down on the high volume resellers. I am not sure there is a concrete solution. :confused1:
  13. hmmm do they have a I think you should be able to buy how much you want, it is a store. Weird
  14. We have 2 outlets by us. My bf and I went and he spent $500 on me and then we went to the second outlet .....just to look. Well I found another one i just had to have for my mom, when he paid for the purse all the info from the items we bought at the other store popped up on her screen:nuts: .

    I then made a mental note to pay with cash from now on! The outlets seemed to have several quantities of each item.....maybe I went just after they restocked.
  15. this "don't ruin it for the rest of us" mentality is poor reasoning.

    there will be other bags.

    it's first come, first serve, imho and i've never even been to a coach outlet.