Anyone Else Get Any New Koobas Lately??

  1. Yep, definitely still into them and picking them up! :smile: I've got one or two I'm stalking, but I'm always open to new styles. I tend to buy two or three in a color if I like it really well. My FAVORITE is still the Katy though. I have 3!
  2. Hezbo, I agree with CynDZ, I prefer the Jillian...I just purchased a Jillian on eBay and I love, love, love her! She is smaller than what I'm used to but I've been carrying her and I can fit a full size wallet, my cell phone, and my sun glasses in their case, as well as miscellaneous items. So even though she's small, she's also functional : )
  3. I have to sent mine back. Reason is the lining is sticky, and the bag has smell. It is like chemical smell.
  4. Asianjade...I'm sorry to hear about the sticky lining and chemical smell...I'm curious to know, how did the seller explain those mishaps???
  5. They quoted "like new" condition.

  6. Does anyone know what the name of a Kooba bag is that is round is, thin, has a long cross body strap and was made in a gorgeous deep green??
    It's on eBay, but I've never seen it before...
    Thanks for any assist!
  7. Saw the Kristin in a NM catalog and have been eyeing since. Finally ordered it today in the luggage color...anyone else have it?
  8. Waiting for my Hailey in Sand to arrive from Nordstrom. Perfect summer neutral. First Kooba in a looooong time. Will post pics when it arrives!
  9. I LOVE the Hailey. Stared adoringly at it on a store display the other day.... sigh...
  10. Me too, I got really excited about it...I haven't been excited about a Kooba in quite a while.

    Congrats on your new bag, Mini

  11. ummmm yes!!!! I'm a total Kooba aficionado! my latest obsession is the Kiley in black python, have you seen it? I have babies so I usually carry hobos, but the Kiley is just big enough to lug my stuff around and not so big that it weighs me down, plus it's totally ladylike and refined. I have a vast collection of Kooba bags and am really loyal to the brand. Is it bad to say that I've boycotted ebay? While the economy sucks, and i have been buying less, I am trying to buy direct so that i can continue to support...and I think their spring prices have gone down a bit and I'm always up for saving $$$
  12. What do you guys think of the Shannon?

    I'm in need of a new spring neutral colored bag and it's perfectly casual for everyday...thoughts?
  13. Yes! totally want to see pics minimamak!
  14. Yea Reneem!!:biggrin: Glad to see another Kooba fanatic like me! I think the Kiley is cute and I looove the Hailey - I plan on owning one in black one of these days. I now have to update my list. I've also acquired:
    Brynne in black
    Brynne in Oak (sold these a few years ago and bought them back!)
    Carly in Wine
    Logan in Grapefruit
    Ellie in Anthracite
    Jagger in Cream
    Katy in Pewter

    I am in Kooba heaven!!:lol:
  15. POST PICS! (please) :biggrin: There's a photo album thread here. I need to do a group photo of mine...