Anyone Else Get Any New Koobas Lately??

  1. I'm so sad that no one seems to be into Kooba anymore! I remember a few years ago when this forum was really hopping! Anyway I have been broke with the recession hitting us really hard and out of work on and off the last three years - I was REALLY into Marc Jacobs as well as Kooba for years but had to sell off most of my MJ's as of late due to financial difficulties and high vet bills from sick furbabies!
    Wellll - since selling off my MJ's ( I have 5 left I'm going to try to hold on to!) I have been able to get several Koobas super cheap on eBay - since I just got a new job and have been catching up!
    Here's what I've gotten ( I'll have to post pics as soon as I get a chance!):
    Camel Brynne
    Bourbon Ada
    Teal Logan
    Turquoise Gracie
    Black Jagger
    Black Jacinda
    Amythest Blake
    Eggplant Katy
    Raisin Paige

    I already have a Natasha in Ink and a Lena in black. I had at one time black and oak Brynnes, 4 Lucys, a grey patent Natasha, a python embossed Antique Rose Paige, and a few others that I've sold over the last few years.
    Anybody out there still love Kooba like me??:p
  2. I recently starting picking them back up. Since the market is in a slump I have found a couple of pretty good deals as well. I really miss that Ada and that Paige. I have been eying a jacinda or an isabella. But, recently put an end to the search for an elusive Tracy, olive with the studs. I am gonna do a reveal later, I am so excited about this one!! I can't wait to see your scores too!! Congrats CynDZ! :yahoo:
  3. Awesome!! So glad to hear someone else still loving Kooba! I'll keep a look out for that Tracy for you too!:smile:
  4. Hi I'm new to the forum and I just recently bought the Sienna in Brown leather 10th anniversary edition, I bought from Bluefly but when it came in the mail it had a dark purple material lining in it. I thought the new Sienna's were supposed to have the brown satin lining so I returned it. Was I overreacting or does that seem strange to anyone else?
  5. Wow CynDZ you have such a great collection! I wish I had that collection!!! : ) ...I have the Kooba Pamela in brown and was hoping to add the Sienna (but that didn't turn out so well) and I wish I could find an Ada in a sand color for a good price...I'm actually going to Nieman Marcus Last Call this weekend so hopefully I see some good deal!
  6. Keep stalking eBay and you'll find some great deals! They just had a sand Ada last week!:smile:
  7. Really! Can't believe I missed out on that Sand Ada, ugh..I'll definitely be stalking eBay now!
  8. I like the Malia tote.
  9. Hello!
    I am a new Kooba addict! i have recently purchased a Carla that still smells like a good saddle and without a mark on it!! ($375 ebay) and a Ginger (125 on Bonanza) but the Ginger has no scent and is a deep brown with a gold sheen. I am sure it is real...
    Anyway, I MUST find a Maria.... The Carla is so large.
    PLEASE help me find a Maria!!!
    Thank you all!!!
  10. My black Kooba Sienna is on the way.. woohoo.... this is my first Kooba bag.
  11. You go girls!!:yahoo: Hezbo - keep stalking Ebay!
  12. Thanks CynDZ! Don't forget Bonanza, too.
    Since I have the 2 larger bags...which smaller bag do you like? I am DYING for the Maria, but until I find you like the Jillian or the Scarlett better??
    Thanks so much! Can't wait to see your pics!
  13. I recently just bought 4 Kooba bags on ebay. I love them sooo much, in total I have 5 which are:

    Kooba Sienna in Bourbon
    Kooba Piage in Black Pebbled Leather
    Kooba Ada in Sand
    Kooba Jillian in smooth Black
    Kooba Carly in Mocha - this one I got as a gift from my fiance a couple of years ago, the previous 4 are the ones I just purchased. (in one of my previous posts I said she was a pamela, but she is actually the Carly (a larger version of the pamela)

    I really want a Sienna in smooth black with lilac interior but so far I haven't gotten my hands on one yet. If anyone spots one let me know : ) thanks
  14. I recently found my holy grail..... the elusive black leather Tracy. :yahoo:
  15. Hezbo - I prefer the Jillian - it's really adorable. It was too small for me so I sold mine a while back but it is really cute if you're looking for a smaller bag!
    It's ironic that Kooba's most popular design, the one that probably really put them on the map is the Sienna and that's one I just don't care for. It's just too western cowboy looking for me.
    Pearlbaby - way to go!! I'm still looking for a black Brynne and a sand Ada. I thought I had a sand Ada from Ebay and when I got it it was in such bad shape I had to send it back unfortunately! Still looking...:biggrin: