Anyone else find this creepy...

  1. At first I thought it was real, and someone was selling a baby. Yes, definitely creepy. :weird:
  2. Exactly. Too real. But it doesn't move, which makes it creepy - like a mask is.
  3. I hate these things. They freak me out.
  4. i thought it was a real baby too. not my thing. strange.
  5. Naw, it's just a doll.
  6. Weird!! How the hell did you come across it!?
  7. If you put in context, it was in the doll you would have to be looking for dolls to come across it. So if you knew immediatly what you were looking at, it would put in in a whole other light....if you were a doll fan, you might even be impressed with the artists skills, kwim?
  8. Well.. artistically it's very lifelike..
    a little bit too lifelike..
    bordering creepy.
    I thought it was a real baby too.
    And then I read about the paint..
  9. Very creepy (especially just clicking the link, like twinkle.tink said, if you were searching for dolls it wouldn't be as creepy). But to just click on the link... it had the birth date, weight, etc. and then the part about arriving in the nursery for paint removal and a bubblebath? I was soooo confused, haha.

    Too lifelike for me!
  10. Well I'm terrified of dolls to begin with so I actually didn't even open this even sight unseen yes, it's creepy!
  11. omg- i thought they were real- real or not that is super creepy!
  12. Um, what is a PACI keeper? And tummy and tushie plates?

    The dolls I used to get didn't have care instructions, they came with stuff that you could tell what it was if you saw it written down, and they had their mouth shut. This is important if you live in a warm climate with a lot of flies.
  13. It kinda scares me how real it looks. Although I can appreciate the craftsmaship. Still, it gave me the chills.
  14. I was bored and read some posts I wouldn't normally look at. Someone had started to collect some other dolls called 'Blythe' dolls and I decided to look them up on eBay. I was curious about the cost of them. One of these dolls was on the same page.

    Even creepier, are the heads and torsos they sell separately! :wtf: