Anyone else fighting the ice storm??

  1. I am attaching a link to some pictures around here that show alot of the tree damage and ice. Although it can be quite beautiful (while watching from inside the house) it can cause so much damage. There are still over 80,000 without power and one of the girls here at work lives in a rural area and was told her power may not restored until Dec 23rd.

    Today the temp is supposed to rise above freezing and the sun is supposed to shine for the first time in 6 days YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. No ice, expecting snow today. I'd much prefer snow than ice! Even 4WD can't save you on ice. I hope everyone stays safe & warm!!
  3. We're supposed to have a snow storm today too but I doubt it'll be that bad. Those are some beautiful works of nature though. It's the trees are made out of glass. Amazing.