Food Anyone else feeling the food price pinch?

Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
OK, so it's pretty ridiculous that I'm spending $200 every two weeks for just me and my SO to eat. I can't believe the price jumps I've been seeing! I mean, $5 for a box of breakfast cereal is just stupid. And $5 for a pound of cheese, and $4 for a gallon of milk, and $2.75 for a loaf of bread, and $2.79 for a carton of eggs... on and on... Anyone else noticed it?

yesterday I wanted to go to Red Lobster, but I decided to cook at home instead of shell out $60, so I made marinated italian baked chicken, shrimp scampi and the cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster (I have their recipes for shrimp scampi and for the cheddar bay biscuits so if you want them, PM me :smile: ) The end result was DELISH! but it cost me over $20 to make! That's better than $60 at Red Lobster though...

anyone else feeling it?


Mar 20, 2008
OK, so it's pretty ridiculous that I'm spending $200 every two weeks for just me and my SO to eat. I can't believe the price jumps I've been seeing! I mean, $5 for a box of breakfast cereal is just stupid. And $5 for a pound of cheese, and $4 for a gallon of milk, and $2.75 for a loaf of bread, and $2.79 for a carton of eggs... on and on... Anyone else noticed it?
Not anything approaching the level you're paying. We bought a half gallon of 1% milk today for $1.58. Cereal is on sale for $1.25/box. We could have bought bread today for .79 but we have some in the freezer. You must live in a very expensive state or you shop brand name organics. We live in Georgia and shop either at Kroger, Ingles or Walmart. Eggs are around $2 for jumbo in Walmart but we bought some on sale last week at Kroger for $1.06/dozen for large brown eggs so I can't say how much eggs are this week. Cheese has so many varieties it's hard to say if $5 for a pound is good or bad.
Dec 14, 2006
I live in NYC so everything is so expensive, I hear my mom complain every week. She and my dad travel to a pretty low income neighborhood to do their food shopping because everything is significantly cheaper. I'm out on Long Island for school and when my SO and I go to the supermarket we usually try to buy what's on sale or go to Wal-Mart for boxed/canned goods. Even at Wal-Mart one gallon of milk was $4.00, I couldn't believe it! At Costco you really feel the price increases because everything is bought in bulk. When I go with my parents we fill the cart up halfway and everything comes up to around $200.
Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
Yeah, my prices are at Wal-Mart. $4 a gallon milk is ridiculous! $5 a pound for cheese is marbled colby/jack. The $5 a box cereal was for a 21 oz box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I've switched to generic almost everything!


May 7, 2007
Ohh yes .. I am. The prices has gone up by 7% just this year. Razorbackbelle, when i read your post and what you are paying I'm thinking, Wow, lucky girl. We are paying at least 25% more than that. I know you can not compare two different countries, but right now I think it's sometimes cheaper to eat out than to make it at home.

Anyway .. I would love your receipes, so I PM you :smile:


Sep 21, 2007
On certain items, yes. A gallon of milk is over $4 where I shop, a half gallon is $3 something and that is store brand (not Walmart- I don't shop there. I think their dairy, produce and meat spoil quicker than the grocery I go to). Eggs and some other dairy items are getting more expensive too. I have not really noticed it on other areas, but I have not been looking either. I buy store brand, non-organic items as well.


Sep 12, 2007
I personally love Aldi- I don't mind the unbranded food, it tastes the same and sometimes better to me!! I did go to kroger a few days ago, though and complained all the way home because of how much it cost :tdown:
If some of you dont know what Aldi is!

elle tee

Dec 6, 2006
OK so you just inspired me to add up how much money I spent on groceries this month, and all I can say is, yikes! For April, I spent $336.51... and we've still got a week to go! This is for me, SO, our cat, and we've had company over a couple of times. This does not include our wine/beer spending, and it does not include going out, or my lunches during the day. It does include some cleaning supplies/paper products. I shop almost exclusively at Whole Foods (the prices at our neighborhood market/bodega are no better, in fact they are sometimes higher). We eat home-cooked almost every night and there is usually food around for snacking (baguette, baked goods, etc.). I guess I haven't been feeling a pinch because I had no idea how much I spent on groceries. I guess if you say I spend $120/week, that's 7 dinners for 2 people= 14 total dinners at 8.50 each. I think that figure is a little high because we do have leftovers, special treats, etc. built into that price. I think most of the meals I make work out to about $5 or less per serving. Of course, I use very little meat when I cook so I'm sure that helps. Hmm... sorry for the ramble but I had never really thought about it before!


Aug 25, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA
I've been b*tching about the price of groceries to everyone who and their momma! There are only two places where I can get groceries where I live; Luckys and Grocery Outlet. Grocery Outlet is a no-go most of the time because of limited selection and a lot of their stuff is either no-name or the date code on the items is like within 2-3 days. Lucky's, who used to profess that they were "the Low Price Leaders" is just insane! 4 bucks for a loaf of bread, 5.50 for a half pound of turkey are examples but in actuality the whole store is full of overpriced groceries. It sucks!:tdown:


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Apr 14, 2006
Midwest USA
Being asian, we consume rice everyday...Basmati rice at Costco went up by nearly 50%..ouch!!!
Eggs, is just I am more aware when doing grocery shopping...generic brand, no juice, soda, baked goods..etc anymore for us.(well, actualy the fact that I need to lose alot of pounds:shame: also contributed to that )


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Jul 25, 2006
I've stopped using clorox wipes and just use the generic on all the cleaning supplies. I can't believer the price of electrasol tablets $5 a box where I am. The powdered stuff $1.99 so I switched.
Name brand bread vs. generic stuff I haven't seen the difference so I have switched too!
I've stopped all baked treats for myself. They are not good for my waistline or my checkbook.
The closest place for me is Whole Foods, but everything there is priced at a premium.

holly di

Oct 5, 2006
little rock, arkansas
Yeah, groceries are out of control!!! It just the dh and me (and our dog), and we spend about $450 a month on groceries, that does not include eating out occasionally. It is probably less expensive if we ate out every night, but eating out is not as healthy.
Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
Yeah, what's sick is that you can get a whole meal at McDonald's for $3. It's like they're TRYING to make America fat, kwim?

See, I live in the land of Wal-Mart (AKA Bentonville metro area, NW Arkansas, where Wal-Mart headquarters is). We have one other grocery chain. And I loved shopping there to stick it to wal-mart (that and I think wal-mart's meat tastes funny), but their prices are higher than wal-mart's, which are too high already nowadays, so I'm kind of forced to shop at wal-mart. The only Aldi is about 30 miles away, and if gas wasn't so expensive I'd go there, but that's $10 just in gas! :hysteric: Our economy's in the freaking toilet.


Dec 3, 2006
Just moved from AZ to Indianapolis and there is such a drastic difference in prices! This should help us out greatly. The funny thing is, on the week of our move and drive out here we did fast food everynight! We were both fed for under $3! Our order varied from 5 chicken fingers for a dollar, cup of chili, or a baked potato. All of these items were actually quite "healthy" and even under 300 calories! It sure helped us cut back on expenses!

Back to groceries, Milk is only $2 a gallon, and we only need about a half gallon a week (0.98). We tend to buy stuff according to sales and plan a week out when the ads arrive. I also will shop at Wal-mart, but have realized that most of the supermarkets have better doorbuster sales. When there is a great deal we stock up and freeze. And, I kinda think we've gotten some great deals lately. Unfortunately, when we moved we had to throw out about 5 lbs of cheese, 4 steaks, seabass, tilapia, 6 lbs of b/s chicken breast, and a whole chicken! We couldn't donate it because it was past the use by or freeze date, believe me, we tried!

I just discovered this store called Meijer, which seems to be just like wallys but cleaner. There are also Aldi's here, which was mentioned, but my Mom will not go there. I'll have to venture there myself!

I am not ashamed to admit I use coupons, it is something that I discovered on my own and I really shocked my Mom. I used to be embarrased to hold up the line, but I dont care anymore. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, or part of a new splurge!

We are just about to begin a huge remodel on our whole house and will be tearing up the kitchen. I am not quite what we are going to do with a mini-fridge, microwave, and hotplate. This should be very interesting!