Anyone else feeling like they aren't seeing anything they "really" love?


Nov 2, 2011
I have gotten invites on the last couple of PCE's--finally, and I just feel like I keep looking and looking trying to find something that I even kind of like. Occasionally I find something, try to convince myself I want it, but then I see it in person, and it is just kind of blah.

Not sure if it is the current lineup, but it feels like it has been a while since I really liked something enough to have to have it.

May 5, 2012
There are one or two legacy pieces I like and right now I love anything in the gathered magenta leather but otherwise nope.


Aug 5, 2012
I went through this with Coach, there was a good 3 years, when i just didn't like anything they were putting out. Everything i was seeing on the street was fabric (i prefer leather) had the signature print (i prefer leather) and the general shape - i just didn't like it. They are still selling the shape and while i agree the functionality is there, the shape bugs me. i saw so many ladies carrying the SAME purse. Not to mention there were some really dirty fabric bags on the street (ugh, if it gets dirty, wash it or give it up, ick) and i just was turned off from coach for a long time. i'm baaack tho... there isn't TONS of love, but thats because my taste is definitely refined now...and i don't waste time wanting things that simply won't work for me or are just a "want" but completely impractical. lol. i KNOW, where is the fun in that? lol...i just can't agonize over if something is all wrong for me...i have kids who need my attention and coach reflecting time isn't alotted...and it is time consuming ;)
Sep 13, 2009
Northwest PA glad it isn't just me!!!! I have seen a few boutique items that initially caught my interest- then- well- then my interest waned....and a few outlet items...same thing...I am hoping that "OH MY" feeling of just a few seasons ago returns...Cause I do love my Coach!


May 23, 2012
Near Chicago
I love coach but their current line up has me taking a break. There are a few items I'll be interested more in when they hit the outlet. I'm all for color and I love leather bags but for some reason the legacy line is just so so to me. I'm taking enough of a break to afford other things I should be buying. No bags for 4 months means a new washer and dryer. Lol. I'm so much fun. :P


Jan 22, 2013
Augusta, Ga
I keep a running wish list of things I like at FP but i tend to purchase only what I love. Price is always a consideration for me but I've bought very few bags based on price. I don't live near an outlet so that's a luxury DH is glad I don't have. I prefer leather but I don't mind signatures depending on what I'll be using the bag for. There are times that I've let my PCE go because I didn't love anything. Presently I'm in love with 3 bags and I must have them before they're deleted!

Jan 3, 2006
Upstate NY; too far from NYC :-(
There has been a few bags that look nice, but are either out of my price point, or I did not feel they warrented the price. For example, I like Romy (I think that is what it is called) in the navy perforated but I do not think it is worth $458. I found a stunning soft mushy NWT's Kate Spade all leather bag on Ebay for $200 that blows any Coach bag I have seen lately away. Even if I paid full price for it, the cost was $398.

I also compare these bags to the 68th anniversery Legacy which just seemed to be better made with incrediable leather. When I read that a $398 duffle gets color loss on the corners, I just feel this is unacceptable.

Coach is more generous with their PCE sales but I think they have raised prices to accomodate that 25% discount with are receiving.


Feb 8, 2009
Since the introduction of the new Legacy line and retirement of Sophia I have not felt the Coach magic and have passed on 3 or 4 PCEs. I used to buy 3 bags alone during the Oct PCE and did not get one. I like the Poppy eyelet bags but might wait for the outlet on those. I miss my Madison and Kristins.


Purse or Pockabook?
May 9, 2012
Christmas City, PA
completely agree....I'm not really a legacy fan either - while they are fun colors..there's not a whole lot of WOW factor there for me to justify the cost, even if you are able to somehow get a leather legacy through factory now at a lessor cost. "That topic" should be it's own thread alone, but I digress! haha

I did just buy one with my PCE (Molly) purely for the color, I LOVE the tourmaline color, I'm still debating on keeping, cuz I'm hearing a little too much they fade, I don't like the fact that there are no feet, the dinky stamped logo, and if the finish on them is too high maintenance, and the legacy bags are gonna get marked up easily, then it's definitely going back and I can hope they bring out another style bag in that fabulous tourmaline color in the summer! :smile:

I'm liking the more detailed Romy's, they have a lot of character..and idk if it's me but the leather seems softer and not as waxy on those, it's a very cute classy bag- but as someone said, they are pricey for what I would consider a smaller bag. I do love the watermelon/snow combo on perforated Romy, I've got my eye on that, but I have another embellished one on order, hoping it lives up to the 700 price tag! (used PCE on it) Here's hoping what's yet to come for Spring/Summer have some newbies that wow us!