Anyone else feeling Blah today?

  1. I feel really crappy and blah today. I just did a home PT and its negative. Another day of negativity. Another month gone by and just no luck...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I really need some positive vibes sent my way....
  2. Oh sweetie! Sending you all the positive vibes to you! Try to cheer up! I also like that today! I went to school finally after a week, (recuparating from my hand), and I am so behind, I am scared I will do bad thsi semester.
  3. Awww, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling bad. I have several friends who have been trying for months. We just found that two of the girls are finally pregnant. It just takes time and patience. It will happen. I am sending happy and good vibes to you. I hope you feel better. Take care and good luck. (((HUGS))).
  4. this day was cruddy all around

    I went to a doctors appt today, the receptionist didn't know what day it was.

  5. I hope you get good news soon. :flowers:
  6. This day definitely blew.

    Tomorrow will be better!!
  7. Hugs coming your way. I know it is so hard every month that goes by. I wish I had some pearls of wisdom, but I can only offer my sympathy, support and understanding. Spending you lots of good wishes and thoughts.
  8. This Monday was definitely blah...

    Sekmeht don't stess...we are all sending good vibes your way.
  9. im sendin gyou baby vibes tooo
  10. YES, my arms and chest hurt. I was at the gym on the weekend doing a light work out as i'm just getting back to he gym but i'm hurting. I've had little sleep over the last few days and i'm cranky.

    Today I have running around to do regarind insurance and just not in the mood to deal with anyone.
  11. Oh know, I´m sorry you didn´t get pregnant this time. Hopefully it will happen soon!
  12. Sorry to hear,
  13. Sorry to hear... but next month is a new month- tomorrow is a new day!!!! :heart:
  14. Stay positive! It will happen one day soon! :flowers:

  15. it was my friend's birthday last night and also dollar shooters night and i got waaaaay too drunk and didn't come home until 4:30 a.m., i found out that a guy i'm trying to mack on doesn't have premarital sex (wtf, i wasn't aware people still did that), i woke up this morning and my car with my entire makeup case in it (i did my friend's makeup for her birthday) is parked in front of her house instead of here with me, i have to go to class in an hour, i'm hungover, and i found out that bacon cheeseburgers taste approximately the same coming up as going down at about 7:30 this morning.

    so yeah. i feel a little blah, too.

    good luck conceiving, though!