Anyone else feel this way...

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  1. I cannot handle anymore brown handbags...go through my collection it is mostly brown therefore, I cannot buy anymore mono canvas...I love daimer but, it is brown so forget about more brown for me I am all browned out...everything is starting to look the same to me...yikkkeeesss....anyone else feel this way...or am I alone!!!!!
  2. No way! I absolutely adore brown, but have noticed that almost my entire wardrobe has shifted over to brown! (I guess that's a step up from black, though...?) Brown shoes, pants, shirts, bags, jewlery! It's autumn, so we can still get away with it! I can't wait until spring! Actually, I'd really like to pick up a jewel toned pea coat for the winter :smile: That would brighten up those brown bags!!
  3. No, I think I have the opposite problem :Push: . Everytime I buy a bag I always go for some color other then black or brown. I don't have nearly enough neutrals :whistle:
  4. I love all the brown. I just noticed the other day that I don't have one black purse. I have the white mc alma, then mono and damier stuff.
  5. I don't feel that way at all... the brown is nice and goes with a lot I think. I'd like to have some more variety though, and I'm slowly buying different pieces(some not LV) to change things up a little.
  6. Well...I don't like drawing attention to myself right away, so I stick to muted colors. However, I really ought to move on to the damier line because all I have is mono...
  7. I actually don't feel the Mono and Damier line are that similar.
    I think the dark chocolate brown of the Damier line is a softer option to black for winter, if you will.
    I think the Damier line with black clothing for winter looks great, but gives a less dark and dreary look than all black.
    And, if you want to change up all that brown, add scarves and charms etc to jazz the bags up.
    I forget if you have Damier in your collection, but if you don't. I would take another look bc I think it's a good replacement for black for winter.
    Maybe you could use your christmas gift towards some other fun accessories for you bags instead of another bag itself, if you have a Damier.
    You can then get your white MC in spring, since you are not sure about the black MC.
    Good luck!
  8. ITA! :yes:
  9. LOve mono canvas but, most of my bags are brown or a variation of brown..that is probably why I was so drawn to the black MC line...I also where dark colour in the fall/winter..I miss the green, blue, white and red of spring/ mono but, maybe colour is more me that is why I am noticing the lack of colour this time of more mono...just colour now....
  10. All my LV pieces are either mono or groom so I have been thinking of expanding my collection as I am a bit tired of it. I would like some new options so my next purchase will either be from the MC line or a cherry blossom retro, etc.
  11. Yes, but I do the same with black and white, too. Nature of the beast.
  12. must accessorize with colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I have a little of everything...but do find I have more mono.
    have you thought of looking towards something graffiti, cerises, or cherry blossom? You get the love of mono with some color added!
  14. I totally feel ya!!!!!!:yes:

    I only have Damies....and after awhile of carring them...I noticed that it did have a faint...too dark or a bit deary kind of feeling to it....I should of gotten some Epi pieces......

    Its just that I hate logos and just decided on that line b/c of that and I love brown in its too late....cause Im on a ban.....:sad:

    Variety is really good....:shame:
  15. LV Pug, you already gave up on the black MM Aurelia?? :sad:
    If you don't like the black MC, and you want to add color to your collection, I say go for an Epi a red or blue speedy 25! I love both of those too and it will brighten up your wardrobe!! :yes: What do you think of Epi?
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