Anyone else feel this way?

  1. I was kind of dissapointed to see that the new Ergo bags have the stripe lining in the inside of the bags. I felt that was one thing that was special to the Legacy line and should have stayed that way. Oh well the Ergo bags are really cute. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. i also thought that only legacy items had the stripe im confuse.
  3. Well, I'm miffed that I cannot get a Legacy Ali in Pond. So to have wonderful striped lining in my Turquoise Ergo is the next best thing. The turnlock closure feature seems to be legacy detail as well. It's all about what is going to sell!
  4. I think it was so popular that they decided to extend it into the new line. If you read the description it says legacy lining.Coach - ERGO LEATHER TOTE If you click on the side view of the camel you can see it.
  5. Coach has so much product coming and going. Updated catalogs that aren't really updated, colors in the catalog that don't show up on the website, but can be pre-ordered though stores or websites if it doesn't sell out first . . . it's not confusing it is extremely frustrating. So while I am not on a personal ban of any kind, I just don't feel like buying any more Coach right now.:p
  6. not all of the ergo have legacy ergo tote does, but the ergo hobos don't, and the smaller ergo totes don't either.
  7. It's the legacy lining that sold me on the ergo tote, I'm a little on the conservitive side with my bags but I have a secret funky side that loves color, so it's perfect for me, makes me happy every time I look at it. :smile:
  8. I'm feeling you, ETheos!

    i hate all their vague -ness!
  9. After the PCE event, I'll probably be staying away from Coach for awhile. Probably from the sheer abundance of signature that inundated my closet for the past couple years.