Anyone else feel this way? I think Im finally very satisfied w/my bag collection!

  1. I have purchased/received as gifts, a good number of since this past November, and for once I feel that I am truly happy with my collection as it stands. I have a good variety of colors and styles, and I now own pretty much all of the bags that I really wanted. I still have a merchandise credit that I want to check out the pleated ergo totes with, but other than that, I just may be satisfied until the next holiday season rolls around! I know, Ill never say never, and I may admire some of the newer bags that come out in the summer, but I have two summer bags still with tags on ready to use, and I think I'm good for a while. Ill still probably pick up a few ponytail scarves and charms/keyfobs, but I think I can be done w/the more expensive stuff for a while. Its a relief not to have the "I must have that" feeling when I see everyones purchases.
  2. I am not but my bank account is.
  3. I think I'm one bag away from feeling like that. I need a black/nickel bag with a big enough drop and space, yet is chic and structured, then it will be complete (for now, :p).

  4. HAHAA i second that! sometimes i feel satisfied with what i have, and it lasts for a few months, then i want something else. i like having a few bags to switch between, and the collection keeps growing ;)
  5. I do. :yes: I went through a huge frenzy for the last year of buying/returning/exchanging/selling a million Coach bags and always going for the latest and greatest, or trying to find the "perfect" bag. I have never wanted a big collection so that added to the stress. I now have a duffle, a large carly and a white ali and I am satisfied.. I am just tired of throwing my money, time and energy into Coach so much. I have a $425 credit that I have been holding for about 3 weeks now that I am taking with me on vacation in 2 weeks to treat myself to something IF I find something or somethings I love. Other than that, I am done.. and so is my checkbook! :p
  6. I feel exactly as you do. I was just thinking this morning that I am very happy with all my Coach bags now and feel that I have every one that I want, ( I just ordered a belted ergo hobo that I have been wanting so that finishes everything on my wish list). I can honestly say that no other bag is tempting me. I also agree that it feels good not to be "yearning" after every bag that I see. While I enjoy seeing everyone else's purchases, and I love reading the posts, I don't feel that I would want to add anything to my collection unless it would be a charm or something along that line. :yes:
  7. oh I really want to see pics of your collection.
  8. I get this feeling every summer! Spring and summer colors and bags are not my thing, so I don't get the "I needs" during the upcoming season. Additionally, handhelds don't work for me, so the Hamptons bags that came out did nothing for me, either.

    I know I will want another bag come fall, but for now I am happy.
  9. :girlsigh: I am! I keep looking of course, but know better now what works for me and what doesn't.
  10. I won't be satisfied until I go on vacation this summer and hit the Vegas outlets! I can't wait!
  11. I too feel that way now that I got my legacy satchel, but i have to confess I just caved and ordered an it's complete.
  12. I don't, LOL! Since I really just discovered the beauty of Coach over the past few months, I feel I have a long way to go! Buuut, I am a lowly grad student, so I just can't afford to get a solid collection right away! I've other bags that I like, but as I get older, I really want to start getting high quality bags. I'm a work in progress! haha!
  13. I don't... I don't have that satisfaction yet... since I don't have a huge collection of COACH items yet, since I know a lot of you coachies already do, I'm still building on mine... my bank account isn't liking it either, but hopefully someday I can be "satisfied" with a big collection that I will have. :smile:
  14. I'm kind of at a different place... My purse collection is nowhere near complete. However, I think my most recent Coach purchase may be one of my last.

    Lately I'm just not that impressed with the brand. I splurged and spent $798 on a bag (don't get me wrong I LOVE it), but now a month later I'm thinking I could have waited another month and gotten a higher end brand. I despise signature bags and I feel like there leather bags are hit or miss each season. I'm sick of seeing fake Coach bags EVERYWHERE I go. I can't stand that. Even the real ones are everywhere and I don't want to have the same bag everyone else does.

    ::Sigh:: I feel like I'm out growing the brand.
  15. I wish I felt this way! I'm so new to Coach, that I'm in the "honeymoon" phase where everything looks good and I just want to buy buy buy! It stinks that I don't have enough money to support this expensive habit though! Oh well, I will just have to live vicariously through tPF! :tup: