Anyone else feel like this...or is it just me???

  1. I just got the Black GM acouple of days ago. I like it, but just trying to decide if I LOVE it. I don't know why I'm being so undecisive on this bag. I've never had a denim one before, so maybe I'ts just getting used to something different. Anyone else feel this way about the Denim Cabby?????? :sThanks;)
  2. I am also on the fence on this bag. I have all the denim colors (Cruise 2007 blue Port Epaule MM, fuschia baggy GM, lichen Neo Speedy) and I was salivating at the prospect of a pure black denim! When I first saw the Neo Cabby MM on launch date, I was really liking it, although I was slightly taken aback by the washed denim look. I expected a pure black black denim from the looks of LV pictures.

    Anyway --- I am still on the fence on this. It's a gorgeous bag. Just something about the washed denim look on black that has me having second thoughts.

    Good luck! Perhaps you just need to "have" it for a few more days to decide if you really love it???
  3. YOU ARE ONE LUCKY GAL LET ME SAY THAT I LOVE THAT BAG & TRIED IT ON AT THE STORE! well it's different for everyone. if you don't LOVE it, then i say wait a couple of days/a week and then exchange/return it if you still feel the same way. because if i spent $1800 on a bag i better LOVE it =)
  4. I actually bought that bag but returned it ... didn't quite like the dark grayish color ... I guess I thought it would be really black. And I wasn't too crazy about the texture of the handles either ... other than that it is a great style bag.
  5. I love love my cabby. I think if you are on the fence, then I would return for something you are excited about. Its a lot of money so you should love whatever you get.
  6. I love my black cabby, but I have to admit she grew on me, not sure why..Like all the ladies say if you don't like it take it back or wait and see maybe she'll grow on you too..he he
  7. I think that if you don't LOVE something right away (but only like it), then you'll never truly love it. That's my experience, anyway.
  8. Everyone here offered great advice. I like it because I will never have to worry about the handles getting dirty looking and grey is the "it" color this fall! and being a neutral color it will go with anything.
  9. love love that bag so unique
  10. I love my cabby too, but not everyone loves the same bags! Get something you DO love instead! :p
  11. I absolutely LoVe my Neo Cabby! Such a great versatile bag! If you don't love it then return it and get something that you will for sure enjoy! =)

    Good Luck!
  12. I absolutely love the Black Cabby.. but it's not for everyone. At least now you know.. and you can get something that you really like. :graucho:
  13. I held off buying it for the same reasons you had. I do have a small black denim piece, the agenda, but I just didn't feel 100% about spending that much for black washed denim. I do love the black leather handles on it , though.
  14. I bought my black NeoCabby GM in Sept., but this is the first week I've used it everyday. After a rough honeymoon I'm starting to love it. One reason may be I took off the sholder strap. As someone else mentioned, I also love that the handles will never show age. Give NeoCabby a chance, she just wants to be loved!
  15. gotta lvoe it- if not- return it!