Anyone else feel like they need a makeover?

  1. Lately, I have been feeling that I look very dull and boring. My skin is so dry and has no vibrancy at all. I also feel like I have slacked up a bit on taking care of myself. I recovered from an eating disorder a few months ago :boxing:sad:though recovery will be forever) and now I want to undo some of the damage I have caused my body and revitalize myself.

    Some things I am doing or am thinking of doing....

    I recently had my hair dyed back to the original color (from very blonde to golden blonde) and am working on growing it out. It is getting thicker because I have been taking vitamins, but I think I am going to buy some human hair extensions for some more fullness and length. I have been working with a nutritionist and hope to get back some sort of a glow through eating natural raw foods and exercising. I am 27, and do not have wrinkles yet, but I would like to get Botox to get rid of the frown lines between my brows. I am also going to work manis/pedis into my budget.

    Anything else that you think can really make a difference as far as a makeover? I am really into this new year, new me thing. I am newly single too, and I want to feel good about myself so I attract the right kind of person!

    Anyone else working on a makeover? :flowers:
  2. Oh and I didn't add the fact that I am working on an internal/spiritual makeover, but since this is a more of an external beauty forum, I left that out.
  3. im glad im not the only one. the past year and a half, i haven't been making much effort when it comes to my looks. got pregnant in 2006 and had a baby in May of 2007, and we've also been going through some personal problems and such, so i've been in a rut for a long long time! i just feel sooooo unattractive right now. so, just 2 weeks ago, i started doing weight watchers again to lose all my pregnancy weight (and more hehe), and i finally got a haircut also 2 weeks ago, after like......almost a year! so far, i'm feeling a lot better, but i still have a looooooong way to go. i'll just have to take it one day at a time.....
  4. btw cosmogrl5, just to let u know, i love kerri russell, especially from Felicity =)
  5. guccilove, Keri has been my idol for years! :love:

    I had an ex boyfriend who was verbally abusive and told me he would dump me if I didn't straighten my hair each day. I had very low self-esteem back then and listened to him...and complied with his demands. I am growing my hair out, so I can wear it curly again (it actually is very loose curls). I miss being curly! That is part of my "makeover".

    I am happy to know that there is someone else who feels like me. I just cannot believe how much I have neglected myself. I really feel unattractive at the moment. I am going to take baby steps just like you, and eventually, I will get myself looking like a hottie! :lol:
  6. Good luck with growing your hair out..... I tried so hard and had the bad cut/color 2 weeks ago so I am going back to the Sharon Stone blond pixie cut (hopefully this week). I understand the makeover thing. I want to do this too. As you know I am trying to do raw. Finally got the last of my groceries today so I can start making some good things tomorrow. I was thinking of gel nails. I love pedicures but rather do them myself since I think some of the salons are a bit dirty. I bought a face steamer and am using it for my sinuses but my face looks pretty good too. I am too chicken for Botox but would love to see a dermatologist. My brother in law goes to one and his face looks fantastic, he got some peeling cream and his skin is really smooth and he looks younger than his age 50. I just wish I could somehow find the time to do it all. I guess baby steps and one think at a time. If I can get my hair fixed this week that would be a start.
    Hope you are feeling better from the flu.
  7. I feel the same way!! It must be the winter or something but my skin is dull which makes the rest of me look and feel dull. The haircut works for a bit but then it starts to grow out and I feel exactly the same again. I just don't really know what else I can do with myself..
  8. Thanks for all the replies. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one in a rut. I truly just don't feel great. I am really trying to work on my insides with healthy eating and exercise which will help some, but it won't help with the fact that I cannot stand my current look. I think because I feel so different (in a good way) inside I want my outsides to look revitalized too.
  9. First of all congratulations on getting over the eating disorder. It´s great you´re feeling better, and of course you feel like having a makeover !
    I feel like having one too, and I have started...I´m eating good things, drinking more and taking extra vitamins for hair and general that ´s shiny hair and good skin.
    Than I ´ve started a personal fitness program at my local gym, so I am starting to see it´s gonna be possible to get back to cute and stylish clothes !
    And I´m doing a collage with photos to change my hair color and style. To me it´s all about loving yourself again and wanting to put in extra effort in the morning to look good !! (hair styled, make up done)
  10. congratulations on leaving an abusive relationship and beating an eating disorder! i am sure you are beautiful inside and out and this makeover will only further enhance it :yes:
  11. Thank you, mellecyn and undercoverlover! :flowers:

    This morning, I woke up so revitalized and happy and just ready to tackle the world! I want to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. I am religiously taking my vitamins and am feeling stronger. I think that tonight I will clean out my closet and get rid of any clothes that don't make me feel my best and will donate them to Goodwill.

    I am trying to get my hair in peak condition, so I don't want to have extensions put in. I am going to order some human hair clip-on ones though. I think those will really make a difference in how I feel.

    I would love to get veneers because my past unhealthy habits have weakened my teeth. One of my back teeth broke last week actually (thankfully you cannot see it, but I still need to have it fixed). It makes me sad, but I know that the human body is capable of repairing itself and doing marvelous things!
  12. *** raises hand***

    Me too. I had a baby in 2005, and gained a ton of weight (I'm not kidding... about 70 lbs!) and I'm only just now having any success in taking it off. I still have about 30 lbs to lose, and I've been exercising regularly and trying to eat better (and hanging around twigger's healthy eating thread!). I really want to do something about my hair... it just seems so boring... long and mostly straig, no real life to it at all. My skin seems dull too... I think partly it's the season... the cold weather makes your hair and skin dry... but I think spring is also a time of renewal in nature, so we want to renew ourselves too.
  13. coach4me, I think you are so right about part of the problem is that it is winter. I feel so sunlight deprived. Granted, I live in NC and we do not have rough winters, but I work all day and never get to see the sun! I made a co-worker eat outside with me today because I wanted my vitamin D...and of course, it started to pour! We are in a drought, so this is a good thing, but it does nothing to help my dry, pale, vitamin D deficient body!
  14. oh my too For the last couple of weeks I've been wearing make up every day which I never did before, Last week I bought a st tropez trial kit and love the tan so last night I got the bigger versions so tanning is becoming part of my routine also I am trying to grow my hair and I've just bought a semi permanent black hair dye I've never been black so that is a big change I'll prob do it on friday but I did play around with a makeover website and the possible results look pretty good

    I hope it doesn't go wrong :sweatdrop:

    Congrats on getting your life on track you are in a much better place now