Anyone else feel like the step is too small/the RTT too big/the brief too flat?

  1. I want something triangular-shaped like these bags, and I know I'm not a brief person (since I've tried it IRL -- too flat for me). The step looks so great, but I like slightly bigger bags and in photos it reads medium/smallish. And the RTT looks absolutely huge, as well as heavy. My favorite style is the giant day, if that helps. The city feels smallish - the work is okay but I want something less rectangular.

    What do you recommend?
  2. Hmmm I think I mostly agree with your opinion on these bags' shapes... Do you think that a broken in Work is still too rectangular?
  3. I've had the work, and yes, it's better broken in, but it's not quite as comfortable as a shoulder bag as these other styles are, due to the handle drop and the rectangular-ness of it. You've always got those two ends of the bag flapping around.

    Had the brief had the depth the newer styles have, I suppose it would be the one for me.

    Any step owners feel it's bigger than I do? Maybe I just have to try one on.
  4. I was just thinking that the Step is smaller than I thought it would be IRL. It seems like it was meant to be slightly bigger...
  5. Hmmm, I will have to try to get a look at the Step IRL. Friday I'm having lunch in San Francisco, maybe I'll make an NM run to go have a look. I was really thinking of getting one, and this is giving me pause. I'm not a fan of big big bags, more the size of the City or the Purse. Is it way smaller than that?
  6. I think the step is a perfect size. It holds everything I city will. I carry my makeup pouch, accessories coin purse, large sunglasses case, wallet, altoids, and credit card holder daily. There is also room for a magazine or paperback book. One big advantage to the step - the interior and front zip pockets are huge! I love them! First bbag I have ever felt comfortable putting my cell phone in the front pocket.
  7. cute shape, great size front pocket, but too flat for me!
  8. kimber, you might've misunderstood me. I LIKE big bags. ALOT. I was feeling or fearing the step was too medium-sized (similar to the city, from what I've read). And it's not so much about what it holds (if I'm even ASKING if it will hold everything, I know it's too small) - it's about the biggish LOOK. I happen to like it!

    Brunette, we must have seen different bags. The step is very deep (as in gusseted, or whatever you call it, unlike the brief that is competely flat)! That's one thing I like about the step.

    Hmmmm. I really do think I'll have to see one IRL.
  9. The step is smaller than I've anticipated, but it's still a good size. Like gwen said, it holds everything a city will and the pockets are HUGE! I'm not sure what RTT is..... and the brief does seem a little flat.... As a proud owner of the step, I say go with the step!
  10. I think the step looks larger on than say a LV speedy 30... I recommend you see this IRL.
  11. i agree that the step definitely looks smaller than anticipated. i was day dreaming about this bag and envisioned i guess what you can call the perfect combination of the brief and work. yet the photos don't compare to what my brain wants to see :hrmm:

    i do love the brief, which i think is next on my list- but for some reason i was hopping the step could take its place.

    i'm a big bag girl too!
  12. I totally agree what you said about the Brief, the RTT, and the Step.

    The RTT is so cool, but way too huge, so the deal would be the RTT just a tad smaller.....I'd love to see Bal coming up with that!
    In the meantime, the Work happens to be my fav' style, so I'm good for now:yes:
  13. Thanks cuteusername - that's helpful, along with dumdumsun's comment that it fits everything a City does. I was definitely thinking smaller from the small-medium reference and your saying that you like slightly bigger bags. It sounds like it probably will work for me, but I'll still try to go get a glimpse on Friday in person...
  14. right, the step isn't as flat as the brief, but still a little too thin for my body type - because oooo I love fat bottom bags...but im sure i'll end up loving the step because this is what happens every time I say I don't like something I end up having to have it!!!
  15. I have both the brief and the step. The brief is flat. Once your stuff is inside, it is more full at the bottom similar to the step. I DO highly recommend that you try it with your stuff before ruling it out. As far as the step, it may seem small in my modeling pics, but I'm 5'9. It looks huge on that 5'2 Hayden actress. It is similar to the size of the city, as you said medium sized.