Anyone else feel disappointed in the blues lately??

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  1. I just got the 16S bright blue mini, but seeing these photos... I'll take 1 from every season in every size please! :loveeyes:

  2. I love your story makes us appreciate what we all have!

  3. You ladies are so sweet!! Oh to have the colors of the rainbow in Chanel flaps! Woo! I'm sure that's many a woman's dream! Thanks!

    And yes! We all have to count our blessings in all areas of our life! So many things to be thankful for, really! From family, to health, to friends.. To our food and our home.. Etc.

    The Chanels will come when they are meant to be in our lives. Till then, life is just as beautiful!

    Happy Easter!

  4. Thank you! Yes, it does in some lighting. Gotta love Chanel blues!

  5. Thanks guys!! [emoji16] It's nice wearing color again with the weather starting to get warmer in NYC.
  6. This blue is stunning too, I am starting to become obbseese with blues, a color non existent thus far in my collection:drool:
  7. OMG! Me too! I never had blues in my collection before. But in the last year or so I've gone nuts over the color and added 2. Now I'm waiting on a newly purchased cobalt Dior to come in and have been considering / stalking the oh so ah-ma-zing Chanel 10c blue.

    For reds, with most people (like me with my cherished 10c red) there is only ONE that will do. But Chanel does so many blues so very well. Too many to chose from. &#128525;<swoon>
  8. Simply stunning!!!

  9. Thanks!! Luckily OP found a similar blue in easy caviar which she loves! [emoji170][emoji106]&#127995;[emoji170]
  10. Your Cruise Blue is amazing!