Anyone else feel disappointed in the blues lately??

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  1. My Chanel boutique offers no returns and only 14 day exchange.. I think it should be like that everywhere. I wouldn't want to purchase a bag that someone had for months on end then decided to return!
  2. Have you seen 2010c blue roi IRL? As you said, the 2016c and 2016 spring photograph differently than you see them IRL. You may consider that the 2010c may look differently than you expect too. I think you may have seen my 2010c and 2016 spring blues side by side. They aren't 100% match but they are pretty close. I can take them for you in sunlight tomorrow if you like.

    In real life, 2010c isn't quite as bright. As someone else stated too, caviar and lambskin may take color differently.

    Hope you find what you are looking for, even if not a blue. Maybe a navy since you say you like dark with shw but never owned black?

  3. NYCPrincess brings up a good point- have you seen your HG bag in real life? (10C blue in lambskin) If you have not, do consider the possibility that your HG bag in reality may not match what you have built up in your mind.

    Yes, we all have buyer's remorse and no one is perfect. But purchasing and returning 3 bags in a row, especially when you were so excited about at least one of them- is not so common and it does seem like there is some thinking to be done. I think tPFers who spoke up just want you to do that so you don't repeat this cycle of purchasing and being disappointed and returning. I hope you don't find them or my comment hurtful.

    Would you consider going preloved? A couple posters asked/mentioned this, not sure if you are against it but if you do truly want that one shade of blue and nothing else will do, it might be more satisfying and much faster than waiting for Chanel to do it.

    Either way, I hope you find something that makes you happy soon.

  4. 🏼 +1
  5. Not everyone's feedback is the same or positive!

    Isn't that why you want to ask for people's opinions? If everyone is thinking the same as you are, why ask?

    You are entitled to change your mind just as others are entitled to their opinions particularly when you have multiple threads to ask for people's opinions.

    Chasing after a bag itself can be exiting and we may have all fallen for that trap from time to time until we get the bag. Many members here are trying to point that out to you as you don't seem to see that yourself.

    Please also keep in mind name calling and personal attacks are not allowed!

  6. Agreed
  7. I was going to use my woc on her maiden voyage so took some pics for you. As you can see, it can look very different based on lighting. I would say 2010c is a little darker and 2016s is brighter. You can tell better in the flash photo and indoor lighting. But I think if I didn't have them side by side, I wouldn't notice much. It just depends what sings to you. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005782.339185.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005794.901516.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005802.144612.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005809.749734.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005822.439643.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459005829.341660.jpg
  8. +1

  9. Gorgeous bags and the color is TDF
  10. tdf!!!!! Stunningly beautiful !!!!
  11. Since we're talking about recent blues, thought I'd share mine here as well. Same bag, taken in different lighting...
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459021714.880140.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459021734.125442.jpg

  12. That is so gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing!
  13. That is a pretty blue! It looks like it has a purple undertone.
  14. While I'm not the OP, I did want to clarify that it wasn't the same SA who dealt with all the returns, I believe the black w/ ghw was purchased at a stand-alone boutique in NYC (Madison Ave) while the two blue flaps were purchased at Saks NYC.
    (I feel like there was something purchased at a 57th st boutique as well, but I could be wrong...)

    But your point still stands, absolutely.
  15. Oh the things I would do for ANY kind of blue Chanel flap bag!!!

    It took my husband and I.. 7 years to pull the trigger on my first Chanel! Then a year after we saved enough for my second! I only have two (and because I know I cannot afford to have many, I chose basic beige for my first and black for my second)... My hubby tells me that I'm "done with Chanel since I have beige and black" haha. I hope he's not serious!!

    My mom gifted me her 1989 small black flap too because she knew I got the Chanel bug. She wished it were colored but she never had enough money for colors herself haha. She stopped at two black Chanels.

    I share in the joy all you ladies have who have many colors of the Chanel caviar flap! I would get ANY shade of blue or red or green or even yellow and feel like I won the lotto!! OP, keep what you have and appreciate it hehe. You may never see that blue again!