Anyone else feel disappointed in the blues lately??

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  2. Obviously you're very confused already... it's so hard to have your heart set on a specific color and then not get it for the style of bag that you want... but is it possible for you to enjoy a chanel bag that's not blue? And then open yourself up for a different brand of blue bag, say an hermes constance, which comes in a range of beautiful blues. Chanel flap in black is a very classic bag regardless of the hardware (though personally i prefer ghw all the way). And then get yourself a constance, or a birkin, in blue hydra... or whichever shade that tickles your fancy. Hermes has a lot more beautiful blues in my opinion.

    Hope it helps :smile:

  3. It sounds like nothing will soothe you until you get the holy grail bag. You may need to go on the reseller market to find it. I caution that you may have built up the Bleu roi bag in your mind and nothing will compare. I don't know if and when you finally get it you will be happy. Just a thought [emoji4]
  4. Have you seen blue chevron caviar this season? I don't think chanel will ever repeat same blue from past season. As others suggest maybe pre love market is the best way to go if you want to find a specific blue from early season.

  5. Yes I have seen it thanks to you guys but I'm not big on caviar. And as someone else has stated I may have built the Blue Roi up in my head even more than I should have. I guess it just boils down to not loving the blue shades of late and stepping back to re-evaluate. I'm going to sit back and watch all future colors and see what I fall in love with. Doesn't have to be blue - it just needs to be amazing. 😀
  6. I think I did myself in by setting my heart on an electric blue. There are so many gorgeous colors that I think I have to let that go and just see what comes out. I would love a gorgeous turquoise !!!

    I built up something that may never come again and that's ok. I must say that the particular shades of blue of late just aren't my taste - not even comparing to a Blue Roi - so I need to step back and be patient.
  7. It's funny that you called the cruise blue your holy grail bag and expressed how much you love it in your reveal thread of it back in last Nov.

    It looks like you have the "the grass is always greener on the otherside" problem.

    You have bought and returned the black with ghw, 16C blue, and 16S blue.

    Even if Chanel offers a blue roi now and you buy it, you are likely to return it after the initial euphoria that you experience like you did with the 16 cruise blue reveal because of your the" grass is greener on the otherside" problem.
    Perhaps, instead of blue, you want a red one that is a true red like the 12A, or a black one with black hardware, or a black one with shw instead because people on this forum say that black on black hardware is the ultimate HG and it's sooooo coveted by everyone... Chanel red is a must have.. the 12A red is the best.... black is the most classic look, it is the most versatile, it can be worn with any color clothing whereas blue is limiting and can only go with certain clothing colors.

    Unless you get serious and stick to one, it will be a never ending game of buying and returning. All the bags are nice. The various blue shades are very nice in their own ways. Remember how much you were praising the 16Cruise blue in your reveal thread? the different colors ... black vs blue vs red vs other colors are nice in their own ways.

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  9. This one is in caviar though while you've been hunting for lambskin? Even if it's the same color from the same collection it'll come out different on different leathers. From what I've seen so far, it does seem caviar is glossier whiles lambskin is little duller even if it's the same color.
    Honestly I think the the spring blue jumbo you have looks a lot like the blue in the pic above. Good luck hunting for your HG.

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  11. I don't think Valentine2014 post sounds angry at all. She is simply stating facts based on your past postings. True to be told what we see on social media is very different once we have the exact item in our hands.

    Everyone is entitled to change their minds but you also have to take a step back and think about your action on the buying and returning on your chanel flips. Sometimes the items you return 18 months later can't be re-stock n put back on the floor for sale again. That item will be a loss to the SA who sold you the chanel flip. As a customer I view the purchasing of high end designer items as two way streets. I respect the SA who works hard to track down the item I wanted n at the same time I respect the SA by committing to the purchase once the SA have located the item I wanted. These SAs earns their live hood based on commissions. If I am not interest or 100% committee on going thru with the purchase... Perhaps it's not for me.

  12. I think for Hermes the return is only good for 14 days and exchange for store credits only. No cash refund unless it's purchased thru

    Oh as for H blues... Highly coveted blue are harder to track than chanel blue...I was on the path to hunt for the perfect blue.. Blue Electrique.. Still looking for the BE..but in the interim made a purchase on blue sapphire Lindy... Which I'm perfectly happy as well

    You can't go wrong with any H blue [emoji170]
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    While I tend to stay away from potentially touchy issues, I feel compelled to proffer my thoughts on this topic. The search for a holy grail can be an exciting, frustrating, consuming and fulfilling process. From the many different posts and threads that you have contributed to this forum throughout the past few months, it seems that your search for the perfect blue has been consuming for you which, in turn, has become a topic that you've been continuing to raise on the forum. I hope you are able to find the right purse for you. But, considering your indecision, I'm not sure how anyone else can help you with your search. Maybe some self-reflection is in order. I hope you don't feel that this post is offensive. Good luck to you.

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  15. The thing is you seem pretty indecisive of what you want. You love the Bleu Roi you posted but it's a caviar but you don't like caviar. You asked for our opinions so we are stating facts from what we observered. The truth can hurt sometimes. I don't see how we can help if in your mind you have a certain color and certain leather combo that hasn't been made yet.

    You say you want a color that pops. Well I can tell you that the black will not pop. If that's the case wait for the Blue or Red that makes your heart sing.

    You are blessed to have such a patient SA. Treat her good. Those SA's are hard to find.