Anyone else feel disappointed in the blues lately??

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  1. So it looks like my hunt will continue. I bought the Cruise blue lambskin jumbo back in November and held onto it awaiting the Spring Act 2 blue hoping it would be brighter just as the name suggests. I guess the lack of desire to use the bag probably should have alerted me that I wasn't 100% in love - lol. I've had my hopes set on a 2010 cobalt shade since wanted to get my first Chanel and I guess the blues of late aren't fulfilling my fantasy. I received the jumbo lambskin Spring Act 2 blue today and although also beautiful - just not what I want.

    So back they will both go and I guess I'll sit and await the next bunch of blue's until I fall in love.
    I am thinking about getting the lambskin jumbo Classic in black with silver hardware. It does seem to be the most classic and I do like how the silver sets off the black very strikingly. I've never owned a black bag and usually shy away from them but I do think the Chanel black is gorgeous.

    Do you ladies think getting a black as my first is best or to sit possibly forever to get a blue - whenever that is.

    I may also want a gorgeous red too. So confused. My hubby has sweetly agreed to two jumbos so I'm just wondering which two are great choices from you ladies who have owned them. TIA
  2. Can u take a pic of them side by side in the same lighting? I remember looking at the pic u posted and thought the spring blue is so much prettier than the cruise. Do you think perhaps you set the bar too high for the 10c blue? After all you only seen it in pics right and not irl? And the 10c you've always wanted, is it in lambskin or caviar?
    I think the black jumbo in lambskin with SHW is a beautiful bag. That's actually what I am hoping to buy when I'm going on my vacation to Asia and Europe in the upcoming months.
    I plan on getting a red one too but not anytime soon. I think red jumbos come almost every season so you can sit back and wait for your perfect shade. Whichever you decide I'm wholeheartedly support because you can't go wrong with any of those colors.
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    Well I can post the pic again but it's so hard to tell from pics. In this pic they look gorgeous, vibrant and purplish and not at all IRL. The Spring is actually to me even more quiet, dull then the Cruise. The Cruise to me seems like it needs to be dyed again - KWIM?
    I think what I want is a deep cobalt electric blue and these although beautiful just don't deliver. I can't make myself love them and I shouldn't have to either as you all know for that price.

    I do love the lambskin more and will go with that leather for whatever I chose.
    I think the black is a great choice and am wait listed for it now.

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  4. So sorry to hear that the spring blue isn't what you're looking for. I understand your description of the color and must say that I went through a lot of thinking on what I really want before landing on the spring blue. how I feel about getting the blue bag is like how most ladies here feel about the "perfect" red.

    I wanted a VERY bright electric blue bag, like the Celine bag I have pictured, it is totally an attention grabber - keep getting asked about it every time I carry it.

    However, after some thinking, I concluded that personally, I view Chanel as the bags that are more "timeless, elegant and versatile", and with that, while I still want a saturated bright blue, I felt that the electric blue like the celine bag may be a bit too loud for that. I have bags from other brands that I feel more fitting for the more crazy bright color with less "serious" styles like Fendi.

    May be that's partially why Chanels in Black, Beige, Red and Navy are such popular and in demand colors, I would consider them "serious" colors that just do so well with the elegant classic Chanel flap bag style.

    The cruise was too muted/soft, but finally the spring blue delivered (for me) the deeper tone and brightness in white/outdoor light.

    I don't think you should settle for something that's not exactly what you want. I have the lamb jumbo in black and LOVE it. There will be plenty of color ones in future seasons that you can get when you see what you love.

    I know lots of folks like red and I'm considering one (though not true red as you know), I also think Chanel makes REALLY beautiful soft pink bags that are just soooo feminine and beautiful (I ADORE my metallic pink mini w/SHW), though not sure how you feel about potential color transfer for light colors.

    Best of luck with getting 2 jumbos you love, hopefully the fall collection would have some nice classics in lambskin that you would love! But if they have it available now, I would grab that black lamb jumbo if it's what you want, never know when they raise prices.

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  5. I have actually grown to love my Cruise blue, although not my beloved cobalt it looks quite vibrant at night for some reason when I wear it the most. I also love the lambskin which I used to be afraid of but now simply adore ! My first Chanel was black, it's very versatile and I love it many years and many many bags later.
  6. I'm having the opposite reaction with my 16C Caviar. I sold my 10C a long while back because I never used it. As desired & gorgeous as it was, it just wasn't me or I would have used it. I've always felt a tiny bit of regret when I see pictures or people are discussing it on here so I decided to get the 16C as a "replacement" and I love it! It's ever so slightly more muted toward a French blue instead of a electric blue and I think it's much more me.

    I'm sorry they didn't work out, but you should only get the shade you know you'll love. I say get the Black lamb with Silver as it is timeless & stunning and then wait for your perfect blue.
  7. Didn't you buy the black one and returned it before you bought the blue? That one was with ghw. but it shouldn't be that different from a black shw. It shouldn't be difficult for u to know if u like a black jumbo classic flap or not since you already had one in your possession to try it out before you returned it.
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    Yes - you can see I'm just not sure what to do. I e never owned a black bag so I was unsure about that color in my wardrobe but it hit me today that I wanted a dark color that sets off the silver hardware and I really felt the black did just that. So now I'm thinking that may be the way to go. I'm going to get my $12,000 refund - lol - my poor husband, sit back and enjoy all the new collections coming up and wait to fall in love. I am on the wait list for a black jumbo in lambskin too. 😀

    My absolute perfect Holy Grail bag would be Chanel bringing back the electric blue!!!
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458867482.179889.jpg
    Bad lighting but here is my Cobalt Louboutin, last year's Coco Shine and my Cruise Blue. Once I secure my ultimate Grail, a blue electric Birkin, I will have all shades covered.
  10. Wow!!!! Nice collection!!!!!!!!!

    This bag from TPF member Buterflye is the one that has haunted me and doesn't allow anything else to due: 😞😞😞

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  11. Yes! I know that bag, it was the perfect blue!!
  12. I don't know much about Chanel blues (and there is no Chanel boutique in my country) so I cannot even see any of these lovely bags that you guys are talking about. I rely on photos and YouTube and such.

    Have you guys seen the Blue Roi color in real life? I saw a YouTube video on a lady with tons of Blue Roi bags (I could be spelling it wrong) but omg.. THAT's the shade of blue I would LOVE in a Chanel flap! :loveeyes:
  13. Just keep the $12K in your bank and enjoy the bags that you are using now. It's better to stick to what you bought and kept, since they are the ones you love. No point wasting your time and effort in buying and returning, buying and returning, buying and returning, buying and returning...
  14. Have you considered a reissue? It is one of my all-time favorite Chanel bags...I have been told that the pre-fall reissue will be lambskin with black hardware and not glazed/patent as in previous versions (hope I was told accurate info). If reissue is not your style, then I agree that the black lambskin with SHW will be a lovely bag to get. Good luck on your blue search:smile:
  15. I've seen all of them side by side and even including 16C blue caviar

    They are all pretty in different ways. Nothing wrong with them. Just personal preference.

    This may not be what you want to hear but you've posted the questions so many times. You even said it yourself that you're not sure what to do. That IS the issue.

    You've exchanged more than once between black and multiple blue flaps and switched between seasons as well.

    That is a signal that you need to pause and think rather than getting another one.