Anyone else feel a bit "cheated" by Coach???

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  1. Hi Coachies...for those of you who really know me, then you are aware I typically avoid many (most) controversial topics. I believe in a "to each his own opinion", and we all have the right to state our opinion if it's done in a respectful manner. You all also know that I LOVE Coach products!! That said, I'm not trying to "start something" with this post!!

    However, I feel the need to make a couple of comments here, partly because of what I'm being told as of late by many SAs (as well as JAX)...and not to mention some of the posts I'm reading on this forum regarding "limited" production of certain styles and colors. The reason I'm bringing this up is because I'm beginning to think that the new "marketing strategy" for Coach may be creating hype with the fear of "selling out" or "limited production". This is a sure fire way to get a lot of us to jump and make the purchases (especially for the higher ticket items)! But from what I'm discovering, they appear to be replenishing the stock. This may be because they are seeing demand for a certain item, but frankly, I don't know if they can replenish THAT quickly based on the statistics! That's why I think some of this may be pure and simple hype! And, I have to admit that this is probably a good way to prevent the bags from reaching the outlet so quickly and in such volume. Part of all this DOES make sense to me, but there are other aspects that don't. To me some of this is very borderline dishonesty.

    Here's the thing....

    Ok, I know there's no real way of knowing production count for each bag (and no SA can give you an accurate answer even if he/she tries), but already many of us as of late have been the victim of "scare tactics" for some "near sold out" items that miraculously have been restocked a week or two later. One is the Lindsay. I can't tell you how many times I've been told "get it now"'s selling FAST (or sold out) and won't appear in most stores, blah, blah..... But, it's still being restocked!! In fact I just saw replenished stock in teal at one boutique. This is just one example (for the sake of brevity in my post).

    I'll also use my atlantic Peyton as an example. Initially we were told by JAX "very limited" and less than 30 or so of the atlantic, saddle, and green colors. So I jumped right away and preordered directly from JAX at the $800 price tag because I didn't want to miss this bag...although I just got the PCE price adjustment for it, thankfully!

    Also...keep in mind these Peyton satchels are stamped "limited edition" on the hang tag, but NOT really...who knows how many are made??? I believe the hang tag issue is a nice cost cutting measure by Coach (since they didn't bother to stamp the creed or enclose any type of info card regarding the limited edition aspect). The thing is if they do sell well, then it's real easy to make more, right?? :shrugs: Even the Ellies were originally numbered and given a x/xx number. Now they are only given a number, but again, who knows the total production?? I have to admit I feel a bit cheated!

    I'm sorry, but I personally find all of this to be a tad dishonest. And if it's not technically dishonest, it at least devalues the bag and purchase!

    As for the other bags, I'm not sure if some of the "stories" are told by clueless SAs and CS, or it's simply a part of their new strategy to create hype to sell their products at retail prices. I admit this "strategy" has sure worked on me with a couple of things as of late, and I admit I kind of feel like a fool TBH!!

    The bottom line (for me) is now when I'm told a bag or color of a bag will be "limited"...I really don't know whether I believe it or not! The thing is if it's popular enough, I bet they will release more!! So is the Legacy amethyst color really limited?? Is the sharp decline of bottle green Bridgit stock really "real" or will they just add more in a week or two??? Will there really not be a PCE in Sept.??? Will bags wait a year to go to the outlets?? IDK!!!

    I guess I will continue to use my own risk assessment and buy it only if I really want it, but this is something to think about!! I know I definitely need to stop jumping just because a SA tells me I need to get it "NOW!!". I've gotten into that mode a bit too much as of late. This past weekend, I actually made myself not purchase 3-4 bags because they are not available on I just decided to take my chances for the future... If I get the bags, fine...if not, so be it! I got the bags I had to have (Bridgits). All in all, they probably lost about $2k on me for PCE because they excluded those bags from the discount!

    Again, I guess the whole strategy makes sense... If they are decreasing the number of promotional events, but raising the are they going to keep the bags out of the outlet?? The only way really is to more accurately assess the market for each bag, and avoid overproduction. I'm sure some of the BS I've been given about stock quantities have to do with misinformation, or because they have reevaluated the specific style and production. Nothing is ever perfect, I know. It's just that as of late, I'm personally really feeling cheated...and I didn't even cover material and quality control issues here!! Just wanted to share my thoughts!! We all have to make our own decisions, and those vary from person to person.

    I'm also curious if any of you have seen this same trend, and have similar or even different thoughts. Maybe I'm way off base with my thoughts!! One thing I do know is that they are restructuring the company somewhat, and changing their store formats.
  2. I agree with all you said.. except I have not dealt with it first hand.

    I am PO'd that I cannot use my PCE on any items I wish to buy this time around and I would be shocked if they didn't do another in Sept.

    I just have not been buying any bags at retail lately.. I just don't have the funds for one.. and I have seen some "Rare" bags at the outlet lately.. especially the higher priced ones.
  3. I am wondering if maybe part of the Peyton issue with the "30 available" when it was initially released was the fact that they only had thirty at that time - that the stock was not entirely in yet? That certainly does not excuse the "limited edition" hangtag, which I think is rather cheap compared to stamping it inside, but since we are always so ahead of the curve and try to orders bags as soon as they are released, I can't help but consider the possibility that the bags we think are limited sometimes just have not been fully stocked yet.

    I almost always wait for PCE for a boutique item I have to have, and my SAs are friendly but do not go out of their way to show me new items or keep me in the loop the way yours do, so I have not experienced any of the "hurry and get them before they run out" hype, except for when the orange Ergo satchel I was eyeing was out - and that time they were right about it selling out - so I guess I can only relate to a certain extent. I agree with you that practices like you are describing are frustrating and would leave me feeling a bit duped, but since I have not been seeing the same type of tactics myself, I can't say I think this is becoming "the norm" as far as Coach goes - and I certainy hope it won't be!

    That's why I love TPF - all you guys keep me better informed than the Coach employees usually do anyway!
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    I fell like this also! I have been hearing from all the Sa's and CS that is limited! coach isnt making as many anymore so get it while you can! also like Example Lindsey shopper was told sold out in teal then was repleinished in like a couple days yes it makes you buy this item if you really want it but for us that really keep on the number of certain items for fear they will sell out! it makes you really mad! Just like the peyton satchel was told only 30 was going to made by CS then the very next week they had over 200 in stock! The number doesnt really matter if you like something. Coach just shouldnt do this! Because you wont believe them! when they tell you a item is very limted!
  5. Baglady39, I totally understand where you're coming from. I only just started looking at Coach handbags very recently and have quickly become a bit let-down by the conflicting reports on limited editions and so forth. I have really considered purchasing the Ellie but a large part of what has held me back was the fact that they were touted as a limited edition but Coach now continues to produce them. I really think the issue with the limited colors for the Peyton was very misleading- there's a big difference between 30 and 300.

  6. Yeah, you know, they told me yesterday that atlantic is up to ~300!! This is one thing that further ticked me off. I can understand maybe that's all they had (30) at the time, but they should not be telling the consumers that the bag is limited to that amount. Either from misinformation or hype, it's damaging! They should just say "current stock" at... Except that with L.E. items they SHOULD tell the consumer total production count. THis is NOT a limited production piece, like some bags such as Elisa, etc, but this one is physically stamped L.E.

  7. I believe that at least a couple of forum members did purchase Ellies when they were numbered xx/xx. I don't even think it was a color issue...meaning that some colors could have been more limited and not rereleased. All of the colors of Ellies I have seen at the gallery store here in NJ do not have a xx/xx number, but just the archive number now. I guess that's ok if it started out that way, but I would be upset if I purchased the same bag that had stopped initial count at 35 and then later popped up again (without changes to the bag).
  8. This is similar to what happened to me with the pond legacy bag in 06... I was told it was "rare" and "sold out".

    I managed to get my hands on one.

    I carried it for a while and every time I went into a Coach store the SAs "oooh'ed and aaah'ed" over it and told me how rare/special that color was.

    Flash forward a year, I see pond legacy shoulder bags all over the woodbury outlets (among ALL the rest of leather 06 legacy bags that were allegedly sold out). In fact most outlets had tons of 06 legacy bags.

    Even before this, I think that the pond shoulder bags were in the outlets rediculously cheap.

    From that point on, I vowed to never buy a bag in the full price store or even at PCE because eventually, they seem to ALL make it to the outlet at some point or another.

    If one that I really want doesn't end up in the outlet, well, I'll just say it wasn't meant to be.
  9. I agree with everything you say, Baglady, and although I have less to add, here are my recent experiences:

    I was told by more than one boutique that burnt orange (Ergo pleated satchel) was a limited color and jumped on it in May...and I saw that it went out of stock online only to see it replenished and available for PCE in June.

    After purchasing five full-priced bags (and multiple accessories...both in-store and online) since May (and not receiving any PCE incentives this year, but that's another story) I was getting the HARD-SELL earlier this month, tag-teaming me, about the Hampton's Vintage Hobo in teal---when I finally flat-out told them that I had to save up a little 'cause I would want the wallet, too, (we're talking a grand for the set and I was thinkin/hopin' for a Sept. PCE to offset some of the sting), I got the typical "Oh, we understand..." followed by NUMEROUS not-so-subtle references to this bag selling out SOON...ummm, at that price point, with this "new leather" I don't think so---but at the time and for nearly a week after, their words kind of haunted me.

    Now I see that the Ergo pleated satchels are not even listed online (except for the metallic ones), which usually indicates the stock is being moved to the outlets, in which case, this would be the second time in two years that Coach has done this to me (us...everyone)---sending bags to the outlets within a few months of releasing them---I'm sorry this isn't really on your topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread---just needed to vent 'cause I'm really going to feel like the fool and have a very bitter taste (for a while) if these bags are being sent to the outlets 1-3 months after I purchased five of them for PCE...not that I begrudge anyone their discounts or outlet finds, but it makes me feel :sick:. And this is just speculation on my part---maybe they sold out with this August PCE, but I HIGHLY doubt it.
  10. It's true...I'm mostly aggravated by the limited edition issue, because I started focusing more on this in light of all the quick outlet transfers. I mean why spend my money paying retail for most items that will end up at the outlets so quickly??

    But I'm also concerned because some people are purchasing the regular bags because they are being told by SAs that they are near sold out and will not be restocked! I've personally had the high pressure sales tactics many times from people I don't normally shop with. My own SA is AWESOME, though, and she would never lie. She only tells me what she knows, which is who really knows what will be restocked... some will, and some won't. And she can also give me an accurate idea of what's been popular and not likely to go to the outlet...although she was sure wrong on the teal Gigis! I passed buying the teal Gigi even though she and other SAs recommended it because I had already seen too many Gigis at the outlet. In fact, I had gotten 3 of my 4 at the time that way. And sure enough...I just got the teal Gigi a couple of weekends ago here in AC!! Anyway, my point is that it's a risk for everything, and you have to decide what's important to you to purchase at retail or otherwise.

    But I just don't feel that Coach is being entirely honest about certain things, and I feel that they are cutting corners for some things too. This is where I have the issue. I also have an issue with the fact they don't properly train their SAs...or many are just simply "incompetent".

    And,'re absolutely right...we are usually one step ahead of many stores! I can't remember how many times it's been suggested I come work at a boutique! They are always impressed I rattle off style numbers, but they don't know I'm obsessed with Coach and the forum, lol! I don't hold the fact that we are sometimes ahead of them against Coach at all

    I've started asking how many stores will be getting a certain item, and then I take the current count, price, etc, and consider whether to purchase. I made the decision to purchase the bottle green Bridgit because it went from 770 to around 100 overnight, but I actually believe that might have been total stock for the 770 (including store stock) that was distributed out later on. Still, 100 in JAX overstock is a not a lot if they don't restock! My SA didn't try to mislead me or even offer advice as to what happened, but I guarantee at least a couple of other stores in my area would have said, they all sold overnight!
  11. I feel cheated as well. Although I haven't had any issue with limited edition items, except I was told the lindsay was sold out in grey (but on the website it will be replenished in Sept). I just feel ripped off when I buy at the boutique, then there goes my bag to the outlet within MONTHS. That makes me fume!! I do not have a outlet near me which is really disappointing, but still. Then there it is on ebay listed as new and still marked up near retail price. HELLO, COACH!! do they not realize that people can make money buy selling on ebay because people still want these "outlet" items.
  12. baglady39: I agree with you that this might be one of Coach's overall strategy of trying to make sales through the boutique rather than the outlets because at this point in time, most of their profits do come from the outlets. Also by stating that the bags are limited edition or will not be replenished is suppose to justify the higher price points for these bags. It might fit into Coach's strategy? of developing into a higher mid-range designer (they are continually releasing bags with higher price points) - especially in the near future, if they do go ahead with releasing cheaper bags (which I read in one of the threads here). Most higher mid-range designers have been doing this - releasing higher price point bags at higher end dept stores/boutiques and lower end bags for the more mainstream public. The whole "limited edition" or no longer in production/stock thing with Coach seems to fit perfectly into this kind of strategy. Of course this is just my speculation and I am not as aware of Coach handbags as a lot of you are (I'm just a dedicated Coach shoe buyer).
  13. I agree. I have not gotten any limited edition, but at this point, unless it's specifically marked/numbered/identified I won't ever believe that anything is THAT LIMITED unless I see the proof.

    I guarantee if someone can get more money by bringing limited or rare back, they will, despite the amount of unhappy previous buyers they create. Demand is demand, and demand = $$.

  14. JB...this is not a new's all kind of related actually! And, I'm right there with you on the burnt orange satchel!! I purchased it at retail and even went so far as to tell an outlet SA to "get it fast" because I was told they were sold out. It's not even a bag I love all that much. I mean I like it, but it's not in my top count! This is the one bag that started making me reevaluate my retail bag purchases. I don't regret purchases like the Bridgits, and actually in the case of the sunflower one, I guessed right in that once it was gone, it was gone. But I think I guessed right because there is a definite dye issue with that color, and they really didn't make as many bags with this dye lot! Even the teal was restocked for a short period, another one I was told was selling out instantly.

  15. Yeah, you're right about this. Another thing that frustrates me is that the outlets have been rereleasing the summer retail bags. You really can't tell other than some styles for the outlet are new but using the same materials, and the normal last year's retail versions just have a "F" on the creed before the style number. Otherwise, you can't tell the difference. I feel like this devalues my retail bag to a certain extent, if only by flooding the market with even more of them! I actually will buy any bag, factory or otherwise, if I like it. But I just don't like the thought of paying retail and then later on the factory blows the same thing out (even a year later).