Anyone else experiencing the winter-blues?

  1. Dry...ugly...cold...pale...:blah: I get like this every winter...I become a hermit crab.:sad:
  2. HATE the cold..dry tan..eek

    Ready for an island trip..LOL
  3. Don't you just feel so much better during the warm months? My skin gets so dry in the winter...blah, blah, blah..
    Can I join you on the island??
  4. ^LOL! C'mon..lets go!!!!
    Im so ready for sun its not funny...I despise the cold..and especially this SNOW!
  5. ohhh yeah.. I hate this weather.. I mean I appreciate the changing of the seasons etc.. but I am so much grumpier and my skin is dry and I hate wearing all those pounds of extra clothes and bundling up again etc... Im also the type of person who HATES when it gets dark early and I feel so depressed in the winter for no reason... I hate hate hate it!!!

    I cannot wait until summer or even spring..
  6. I hear ya sisters! Amen and amen!
  7. Totally understand. Half the time I use to spend shopping online for bags is now being spent looking for a good vacation deal somewhere warm :p
  8. Poor girls.... I'm cooped under my blanket and drinking hot cup of coffee b/c it's only 57 degrees and cloudy outside now. I guess I shouldn't complain.. :shame:
  9. i think it's called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). i definitely think I have it since i get really depressed and unhappy during the winter. it really sucks, but i find sitting inside by a big window and sunning taking in some warm sun to be very restorative. i feel like a solar battery, no sun = no energy.

    can't wait for spring... and summer!

  10. AMEN!:wlae:
  11. Bumping this as I'm experiencing the same every year.
    I feel so empty and like a failure and eat like crazy and I'm already taking AD,
    what can I do more? Any more people that want to share their stories? :sad:
  12. i have the "hot blues" it's october and still in the 90's's so hot and so humid you walk outside for a few minutes and you are drenched in sweat. i wish we actually had a winter here, instead we just have cold fronts that last maybe a week and then it's back to hot. it's hell on my sinuses and you never know what you are going to need to wear...
  13. i love every season change!
  14. *sigh* yes I love spring/summer
  15. I love the winter!!!! It has been raining for for the last 2 days. It has been so nice. It is supposed to get warm (high 80s) again this weekend.

    LA winters, a very cold day is low 60's