anyone else experience trouble this morning?

  1. I haven't been able to get on for about 20 mintues or so and I keep getting errors. . . I'm guessing I'm not the only one judging by how few of us there are here and the time stamps are from almost an hour ago.
  2. I am having trouble also. Last night too.
  3. Yes, I had trouble also. Just managed to get on now.
  4. Good to know it's not just me! I've had lots of problems!! The site was slow and then I started receiving errors and couldn't log on for 25 minutes or so.

    Thanks for your help Vlad! :flowers:
  5. I've had problems last night wtih error messages and taking forever to load. But today it seems to be better.
  6. I had trouble this morning...
  7. me too. and in the last days as well...
  8. Me too, infrequently throughout the day today.
  9. What types of trouble? Please be more specific.
  10. no tPF basically. It wouldn't load, like it went offline for a while. I knew it wasn't just me because when I finally got back on, it was slow and all the post time stamps were about an hour and we only had 500-600 people online.
  11. I've had problems for a while now it's ok most of the time just every now and then I started a thread about it maybe a week ago
  12. Yep, ahve also had a few problems!
  13. Mine keeps going down too and won't load pages....keep getting the error page.