Anyone else experience LV forum withdrawals??

  1. Am I the only one?? I was starting to get the shakes! :s
  2. Of course not! So nice to be back. :smile:
  3. Me too!!! Ha!
  4. i felt stupid for checking every time i walked past the computer to see if it was back. pleased i wasnt the only one havin withdrawals
  5. OH MAN it feels good to be home! I missed you all so!
  6. It was like we were in time out.:sad:
  7. LOL!
  8. ooh GUYS I mised you all sooooo much I must been checking about 20 times a day so happy to be back :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. I missed it terribly :sad:

    But I hope everyone behaves themselves now so we don't have that happen again. I was gone for the weekend and missed everything.
  10. Did they ever say WHY exactly? or WHO?
  11. I logged in this morning thinking it'd be back up...and then. Nothing :sad: I was so sad. But yeah..its back!

  12. Let's not worry about that and just get back to having fun!! :yes: ;)
  13. OMG, I was sooooo bored the whole day... I checked every few minutes :shame:
    Glad it's back again, I missed you all :love:
  14. I was in severe withdrawal.....I actually contemplated visiting other forums like Balenciaga LOL
  15. Glad that we are all back :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: