Anyone Else Excited for Football?

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  1. I don't know where this thread should be, but since its on TV, I thought I would post it here.

    So, as the title said, anyone else excited? I am!!! watching the Eagles/Packers game right now (Go Eagles!)
  2. Most definitely!

    We're HUGE Bronco fans!
  3. Phew! Glad I'm not the only one! My boyfriend is from Philly so I am a "recruited" Eagles fan ;) Not the worst team to become a fan of! I know some women hate football season, but I love to be a part of it with my BF!
  4. Ive been looking forward to the season openers for weeks! I mostly watched Miami/Washington, good game! And sorta watched the Charlotte/Somebody game. The Jets lost. Pittsburgh got creamed, Atlanta got creamed also.
  5. i am!. DH plays on sundays too. recreational. but we made it home to channel surf between the games. my team Carolina won though..wooohooo. only watched the end.

    i'm TOTALLY like one of the crazy obsessed boys that LIVES and BREATHS football! it's a little insane! haha!

  7. What is up with Sportscenter NOT being on first thing in the morning. This is starting to piss me off, for the last few days Soccer has been on. I need my highlights, and top 10 plays of the week. :rant: the women's soccer team is cute, but I couldnt care less.

    TO made a fabulous touchdown. Patriots vindicated themselves with a spectacular win over the Chargers. Though I wanted the Chargers to win. I hated the way Bill Belichick REFUSED to admit ANY responsibility for cheating, at the press conference. :wtf: Dude, you got CAUGHT, just own up to it. Thats the first step to moving on, now everyone will just keep badgering you.

    Carolina lost, KC probably lost, I switch to Miami/Dallas.
  8. I love my Louisville Cradinals!!:heart:
  9. Yes, gotta support my Dallas Cowboys! :heart:

  10. HAHA
    I thought I was the only sports/handbag fanatic here.

    Unfortunately, my team (Buffalo Bills) has a struggling quarterback. Should have switched to the Cleveland game.
    (I have the NFL ticket lol)

    I also wanted San Diego to win (Norv Turner???? - How many coaching chances does he get???!!).
    Randy Moss and Tom Brady looking good. Bill B is arrogant.

    Mike and Mike in the a.m. is a good alternative to SportsCenter.
  11. Im still in denial that the Chargers lost by that much.
    gotta admit that the Patriots had their A-game on though...
  12. Ha, there's not many of us. My idea of the perfect date/evening is a sports bar on sunday with a great deck, huge tvs, great food, and one of my bags accompanying me. hehe Actually, the sportsbar has turned into such a hoochie hideaway. I only wear jeans, and I see girls rocking THE shortest dresses and 4-inch heels, they look sorta dumb. :yucky:

    :roflmfao: Who else has he coached for??!

    Yeah, Bill is arrogant. He should've been humbled by this experience. Azz.

    Randy is thriving on the Patriots. I used to loooove him, rookie year. Then he sucked, now he's back! :yahoo:

    LT actually CRIED on sportscenter. Im like "Are those TEARS" :wtf:..... :roflmfao:
  13. Norv Turner:

    2007 ??? Head Coach, San Diego
    2004-2006 -- Head Coach, Oakland Raiders
    2002-2003 -- Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins
    2001 -- Offensive Coordinator, San Diego Chargers
    1994-2000 -- Head Coach, Washington Redskins
    1991-1993 -- Offensive Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys
  14. We don't even have football here :push: Everyone's crazy about soccer here.

  15. When we were dating...eons husband told me that one of the reasons he fell in love with me was that I actually KNEW football. I wasn't one of those girls who pretend to...just for the sake of the guy they're dating.

    All these years (24) later...we still snuggle on the couch to watch football and are teaching our kids the rules of the game.