Anyone else excited about the new Prada x James Jean bags?

  1. The fairy bag was one of my biggest handbag regrets, so this almost feels like a second chance! Hopefully there won't be any bleed issues with these. I am super excited! If anyone has any intel pls post!
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  2. I came here just for this. When will they be available? Is resort available from retailers?
  3. Seriously! I am so here for this! That was my favorite Prada collection ever.
  4. I really like them so far, but I don't think they will be classic bags. I wouldn't spend so much money on a seasonal bag and personally, they're not worth the money to me. I wouldn't buy them, unless they were cheap at an outlet or something.
  5. Oh my! So cute! I have the original fairy and it's still one of my fave bags ever!!
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  6. Prada just released them in the mainland US market today! My SA called to tell me I could pick my pre-orders today, but I can’t stop by until later this next week.
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  7. They are going strong here too! Got my large bag last week and picked up a couple of the small pieces too. The etiquette bag is also calling my name but we shall see!

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  8. So beautiful. I really loved the fairies collection and this is perfect too.