Anyone else excited about the new Prada x James Jean bags?

  1. The fairy bag was one of my biggest handbag regrets, so this almost feels like a second chance! Hopefully there won't be any bleed issues with these. I am super excited! If anyone has any intel pls post!
  2. I came here just for this. When will they be available? Is resort available from retailers?
  3. Seriously! I am so here for this! That was my favorite Prada collection ever.
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  4. I really like them so far, but I don't think they will be classic bags. I wouldn't spend so much money on a seasonal bag and personally, they're not worth the money to me. I wouldn't buy them, unless they were cheap at an outlet or something.
  5. Oh my! So cute! I have the original fairy and it's still one of my fave bags ever!!
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  6. Just in time for the 10 year anniversary of the Fairy/Trembled Blossom collections :heart::love::hbeat:
  7. WOW i really like that. nice choice of colors they picked, wonder how well they will sell?
  8. I like this design too! Just saw it online.. looking forward to seeing them in person and the new etiquette style.
  9. Love it...the runway show had it in black, does anyone know when the black is coming out?
  10. Too cute for words!
  11. Cute but I’ll need to see it in person. I wonder if they’ll do any small leather goods in the pattern?
  12. I just got the long wallet

  13. V
    Very cute :smile: Were there any other small leather goods? Smaller wallets or card cases?
  14. Thanks! I'm nuts for anything bunny. There was a smaller billfold wallet in the same design. The prada boutique just got them in and said they were expecting more accessories. I saw the stocklist and the bags and slgs will all be limited to around 50 pieces or less for this collection.

    On Neimans and Barneys websites the expected delivery for preorders was set to April? Seems too long.