Anyone else excited about Scream 4?

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  1. Is anyone else excited for Scream 4 to come out?

    I never go to the movies because I can't see myself paying that much to see a movie that will be out on DVD in a couple of months and I can get on Netflix but this one I HAVE TO SEE!!!

    I loved all the Scream movies. Not because they're scary or anything but I love those movies that make you jump out of your seat and these movies were just that. Not to mention Jamie Kennedy was hilarious.

    I can't wait to see how Sydney gets away from Ghost Face in this one.
  2. I like the Scream movies but I can wait for the DVD
  3. It's been almost 15 years since the first one. I wonder what this one will be about?
  4. ah yes, the film that was the rise and fall of the Cox-Arquette relationship
  5. I'll totally go see it! The original came out when I was in high school so it will be nostalgic for me!
  6. I can't believe its been that long!! I remember being in the7th or 8th grade when Scream came out (i'm 25 now) and it was the biggest thing for us. I was terrified of that mask but loved the movie. I never get tired of it!

    Part 2 i was never crazy about but i enjoyed Scream 3. I hope Scream 4 will be good! I try not to watch these movies because i'm a big baby and will be too scared to drive at night, go in my house, or sleep! I know pathetic. I'm not scared thinking about rapists or murderers, i'm scared thinking the Scream guy is hiding in my back seat!
  7. I've seen all of the first 3 movies of it, and I thought they all sucked and were lacking in any entertainment value, even at the ages of 12-14. However, I'm still curious about Scream 4, lol.
  8. I just saw a trailer. I think its Sidney as a mother, and the killer is back...
  9. I LOVED Matthew Lillard in the first one, the scene where he and Skeet Ulrich are in the kitchen slashing each other to throw the cops off was SOOO FUNNNY...I can't picture it now..."Billy, I think I'm really dying here!"
  10. loved that part :biggrin: I had a major crush on Skeet Ulrich
  11. ^He was hot! He also looked like a close relative of Johnny Depp, but is hotter than Johnny (don't shoot me). That scene was pretty good.
  12. :wtf::wtf: ummmm no way!!!! Johnny Depp is delicious
  13. Yes i always thought he looked a lot like Johnny Depp!

    So lets get this straight. The killer in part one was her boyfriend to get revenge for his father sleeping with Sidney's mom. The second killer was the dead boyfriend's mom getting revenge, and part three was her half brother plus i think they all had an accomplise?

    I wonder who it could be now!!??
  14. a sister maybe??