Anyone else ever feel the same way?

  1. A while back I was looking at pictures from the "dior outlet items" thread. There were some real beautiful pieces there - especially a few limited edition saddles that I thought were gorgeous. Anyways, I remember reading that those saddles had been sold and now I see those pretty saddles that I loved sitting on eBay - 2 of them from the same seller. I can't help but think he/she bought them from the outlet to make $$ off of them on eBay...especially since it's so soon after those were seen at the outlets. Of course, I can't be sure that's what happened. It makes me sad and annoyed to think about people just purchasing these lovely bags which there aren't many of and throwing them up for sale on eBay. I wish people who were truly in love with them had the opportunity to take them home from the store.

    Has anyone else ever felt the same way? Or has seen pictures of bags recently for sale at the outlets on ebay soon after?
  2. I totally agree! My boyfriend keeps telling me it's a free market though, and any given item is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.
  3. There are many sellers on ebay that do this, depending on the item I doubt they would make a huge profit as people on ebay generally want bargains.
  4. ok but what about peeps who have no access to the store ? ebay is their only opportunity to have a Dior bag at a cheaper price - not as cheap as at the outlet, ok, but definitely cheaper than from Dior boutique...

    for many people this is the only way to put their hands on those beautiful bags ...a lot of them dont realize that there are outlets in the States ( honestly if i didnt join the forum i wouldnt have a clue ),and from those who know about the outlets hardly anyone knows that they actually ship abroad ! ( the deal about ebay as well is that you can avoid sometimes draconic custom charges if the seller agrees to put a lower value on the package - outlets wont do that ). Some prefer to get it off ebay and then, the bags do end up finally with people who love them ...just through a different channel..

    i say there are worse ways of making money than that ;) ... and as far as i compare prices on ebay with the outlet ones they are not making that much.

    I actually dont mind that at all ...just my 2p. :yes:
  5. Yeah, I know there are tons of sellers who do this. It's just a little discouraging sometimes. And nataliam - you're right, it does provide another channel for people to get those bags.. but then again, not all of these buyers know whether or not they're purchasing one that's authentic.

  6. i know what you mean about discouraging...but i guess there never is a perfect solution...

    thats why all the buyers should visit our Forum first! :graucho:;)